New SMD Metal Dome Switch

Are you trying to find out a metal dome which can be soldered on circuit board? I think so, because the normal metal dome are not recommended to be soldered on the circuit because it will reduce or damage function of metal dome.

But now there’s a good news for you: We’ve release a new type of SMD dome switch today and you can choose suitable dome switch you like to assemble them on any of your board, without worrying anything!

SMD Dome Switch is a type of new metal dome package which designed to be soldered on PCB/FPC/MCPCB, or any other circuits, by directly SMT/SMD reflow soldering technology. The circuit board for soldering is on the bottom of each dome, and on top of metal dome, there’s a layer of yellowish Polyimide with a Plunger & Actuator in center area, to seal the dome and add the clicking feeling.

SMD dome switch from Best Tech

SMD dome switch from Best Tech

Please visit our website for more details:

Do you like that dome switch? If you have any idea or comments for that, please leave a message here, or write email to us. Any words on SMD dome switch will be appreciated.


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