Can different shapes and size of metal domes be placed on a dome array?

Different metal dome shapes (four legs snap dome, triangle metal dome, round and oblong tactile dome) and diameter can be done on a dome array, we could do as the customer request. Why does the customer have such a request? The reasons as below:

  1. It may be the design problem of the customer’s circuit board.
  2. Different keys with different requirements, only use different domes, then could meet the requests. Such some keys require higher force, some keys require good click feeling;
  3. The size of the keys is different, so we have to use different diameters of metal domes.
    Although this kind of metal dome array can be made, the process of making is a little more complicated. It needs to make two or more laminate (assembly) fixtures and assemble them twice or more, it bases on the dome types. So the assembly time is twice or more as much as that of a single shape and specification, so the price will be higher.
    Recommendation: Use a shape and size of metal dome if no special requirements are required.
Plunger (actuator) dome array

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