Metal Domes & Tactile Metal Domes

In order to get a high efficiency for metal dome assembly, different customers need different packing method to meet their own assembly ways. Now BEST provides several metal dome packing methods.

In fact, using different packing, the final name of metal dome maybe changed.

Most of metal dome are packed in bulk, in a PE bag, or bottle, so it is still named metal dome, and packing will be named "In Bulk"; if in tube then named as "Tube Metal Dome"; if in tape & reel for auto SMT machine, then "Tape & Reel Dome".

Several domes packed on a glue-stick array/sheet, we named it "metal dome array" and there're various structures, and this is why we have these pages to introduce them.

If single metal dome glued on pressure sensitive adhesive array with fixed size, then we named is "Single key dome array", or "Individual dome array". As array size for each dome is cut off in a fixed value, so people also named it "standard kiss-cut dome array".

In fact, both several keys metal dome array or single key dome array, you can named them as "Peel & Place Array" , or "Peel-N-Place Dome" becuase it can be easily peeled off from release liner and placed on printed circuit board, flex circuits, or membrane switch.

Here are basic four types of packing. Maybe some catagories were crossed to each other, but it will be helpful for you to choose suitable ways of metal dome packing.