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Best Technology Provides One-stop Metal Dome/Dome Array/Polydome Manufacturing&Design Service Solution For All Industries

Dome Array Design
Dome Array Design
We are proud to design more than 400 projects a year, most of which are dome arrays and polydomes.
Free Metal Dome Proofing
Free Metal Dome Proofing
We provide free prototype service, metal dome duplicating, and PCB layout prototype.
Metal Dome Quality Control
Quality Control
The strict and precise production process has created advanced metal domes, dome arrays and polydomes.
Metal Dome Packaging Types
Packaging Types
Different packaging methods can better protect the nature of the product during transportation.
Metal Dome Manufacturing
Capability 2000+ square meters, 40+machines, 3+ production lines, 10 quality inspectors.


Fast provider of Metal Dome/Dome Array/Polydome in Shenzhen, China. has experienced engineers for all industries.

Best Technology

Best Technology Co.,Ltd

Best Technology Co., Ltd. was founded specifically to serve the membrane switch and related mechanical switch industries. We have made metal domes (metal snap domes), metal dome arrays (metal dome sheets) since 2006. As a professional metal dome and metal dome array vendor in China.
We have years of experience in this line, always can meet your requirements of metal dome, dome array, in various packing, always do our best.

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Quality Certifications

We hold relevant quality certifications that validated our commitment to provide high quality products. These certificationsact as a guarantee of product excellence, ensuring customers and partners a good quality assurance practices.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 13485:2016
  • RoHS
What's Metal Dome

What's Metal Dome ?

Metal domes (metal snap domes, or tactile metal domes), made of stainless steel, are momentary switch contacts that, when used in conjunction with a printed circuit board, flex circuit, or membrane, become normally-open tactile switches. According to different shapes, we divided them into:

What's Metal Dome Array

What's Metal Dome Array?

A metal dome array & dome sheet (dome array) is a kind of double sided adhesive PET array (sheet) that carries metal dome as contact switch to put on PCB PAD or membrane switch, so that accelerate assembly speed and precision. We divided them based on structure into following types:

What's SMD Dome Switch

What's SMD Dome Switch

SMD Dome Switch is a type of new metal dome package which designed to be soldered on PCB/FPC/MCPCB, The circuit board for soldering is on the bottom of each dome, and on top of metal dome, there's a layer of yellowish Polyimide with a Plunger & Actuator in center area, to seal the dome and add the clicking feeling.


18 years of dedicating to Metal Dome & Dome Array manufacturing

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