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As mention in "Metal Dome Array" page, we have divided dome array in several basic types, but beside these normal dome array, there're still some speical dome array which different from others, such as the structure, color, etc. We named is "Special dome array". In fact, the special dome is combined with one or two normal dome array, you can customize it using various layer up.

Currently, we have listed two dome arrays sperated as special ones:

1) Single key dome array.

It consists of single metal domes on a pressure sensitive adhesive PET sheet (array), and each single metal dome is in the center of kiss-cut adhesive square or circle, with release backing which is easily peeled off. So sometimes, people also named “Kiss-cut peel off one dome array”, or “peel-off kiss-cut single key dome array”. Click for more...

2) Plunger & Actuator dome array

In order to add the clicking fee of metal dome array and whole products and also increase the height, engineer have to add a extra plunger which will be 0.8-3.2mm, height 0.1-0.40mm (parameters can also be adjusted) on top of Mylar, similar like one section of actuator of keypad, so this kind of dome array is named as "plunger dome array", "dome array with plunger", or "dome array with actuator". More information...


At the same time, if you need different dome array listed in our website, please write us your requirement details and we will make your drea come true. You're also welcomed to visit our blog for updated technology, news, and more information of our metal dome array .