Standard Single Key Dome Array is one of our standard metal dome array, which consists of single metal domes on a pressure sensitive adhesive PET sheet (array), and each single metal dome is in the center of kiss-cut adhesive square or circle, with release backing which is easily peeled off. So sometimes, people also named “Kiss-cut peel off one dome array”, or “peel-off kiss-cut single key dome array”. Or say its full name as “Standard Single Key Metal Dome Array

You can easily peel off the single metal dome array from release liner backing and adhere it firmly on your PCB, FPC or membrane switches. Now, all of our Circle, Four-leg, Triangle and Oblong series metal dome can be supplied in the Standard Single Key Dome Array tape.

The size of array (sheet) is about 120mmx200mm (4.725 x 7.874 inch), and the amount of metal dome per array (sheet) is determined by the metal dome size you will use, normally it will be 50-100 pcs per sheet.

It’s best convenient and economical way to use our standard single key dome array for prototype, or small quantity volume, so that you don’t need to wait one or two weeks to set up tooling or make customized dome array. It’ll accelerate your R&D process and reduce the R & D cost.

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  1. Easily Peel off and adhere
  2. Save cost, no tooling or mould needed
  3. Quick lead time for standard dome array
  4. Various tapes of metal dome available
  5. MOQ is small, or even no MOQ
  6. Color of Spacer can be white or transparent
  7. Amount of dome per sheet can be customized
Single Key Dome Array
Single Key Dome Array Layout
Single Key Dome Array Layout
Technical Parameter
Structure Double layer
double layer dome array C series double layer dome array Four Legs with holes series
Metal Dome Shape: C, F, T & O series
Maylar Color: Transparent
Spacer Color: White, Transparent
Adhesive King Label, 3M467, 3M468
Life Cycles: >1 Million Cycles
Salt and Fog Examination: v35±2°C, 5±0.1%, 48H
Working Temperature: -20°C-80°C
Working Humidity: Under 100%RH
Touch Resistance: <1 ohm
ESD Resistance: <3 ohm
Dimension Tolerance: ±0.15