Tape & Reel is a type of metal dome packing used for high speed pick & place machine. Each metal dome is sealed in a socket on a continued tape and packed on a reel, so it can be picked and place like normal components such as resistor, capitor, on SMT machine. Metal dome packed in this way named as "Tape & Reel Metal Dome"

The same as metal dome in tube use this tape & reel dome can accelerate the assembly speed, increase the alignment of dome on designed position. Further more, as this metal dome packing will be used in fully auto pick & place machine, so assembly speed is much faster than dome in tube. Like normal components, you can put 20,000-100,000 domes per hour, various upon differenct SMT machine. People can use the mininum time to get a maximum, to save a lot of money.

Currently this packing avaialbe for Four-leg metal dome, triangle dome, and circle/round series domes, because this shape is convenient to put into the reel in a correct direction, and to get a good alignment.

Please note that: It is just a convenient packing for SMT machine, normal metal dome is not intended for soldering at any time!

Tape & Reel Metal Dome Pictures
Circle Metal Dome (with legs)
Circle Metal Dome (with legs)

Parameters of Tape & Reel Dome:

  • Diameter of reel: 330+/-5mm (13 inch)
  • Inner core diameter: 13.5mm (0.53 inch)
  • Width of tape: 16mm for 8.4mm dome; 24mm for 12.2mm one
  • Thickness of reel: 20mm for 8.4mm dome; 28mm for 12.2mm one
  • Quantity of dome per reel: 5,000 pcs for 8.4mm dome; 4,000 pcs for 12.2mm one
  • Net weight of each reel: 0.73kg for 8.4mm dome; 0.92kg for 12.2mm one
  • Default of dome direction: bottom face of dome will touch the socket, view from user; revised dome direction also available
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