SMD Dome Switch is a type of new metal dome package which designed to be soldered on PCB/FPC/MCPCB, or any other circuits, by directly SMT/SMD reflow soldering technology. The circuit board for soldering is on the bottom of each dome, and on top of metal dome, there's a layer of yellowish Polyimide with a Plunger & Actuator in center area, to seal the dome and add the clicking feeling.

Each of SMD dome switch is in a socket on a continued tape and packed on a reel, so it can be picked and place like normal components such as resistor, capitor, on SMT machine, similar like our"Tape & Reel Metal Dome ". But the difference, and major character for this SMD dome is: It can be soldered directly on any circuit like any other SMD components! Normal dome is not suitable for soldering.

Feature of SMD Dome Switch
  • Reflow soldering
  • Used for Low profile and Lightweight design. Size is very small, such as 3.4mm*3.0mmx0.7mm for "SI-C3430A-7015".
  • Suitable for thinner and lighter portable devices
  • Suitable for water proof devices
  • Package With 12mm Wide Reel tape
  • Life cycle: >=100,000 times
Application of SMD Dome Switch
Applicable for Various devices such as cell phone, MP3, Camera, Audio, Video and Communication devices, etc.
General Specificationcation of SMD Dome Switch
  • Operating temperature: -30℃ ~ +85℃, 45~85%RH
  • Storage temperature: -30℃ ~ +85℃, 45~85%RH
  • Switch Type: Surface mount
  • Operating direction: Vertical
  • Minimum packing unit(pcs): 5,000pcs
  • Electrical characteristics
    - Insulation resistance: 100m􀔽 min. 100V DC
    - Contact resistance: 250V AC , 1minute
    - Rating: 50mA 12V DC
  • Environmental specification
    - Resistance to low temperature: -30±2℃, 96hr
    - Heat resistance: 80±2℃, 96hr
Part Number Introduction

For example: TF2819-AABB-S4N20A, here are meaning for each code:

  • TF: Model Code
  • 2819:size 2.8*1.9
  • AABB:black film
  • S4:four leg
  • N:material code
  • 20:200gf
  • A:version
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