EMI Metal Dome Array

On top of the Mayler which carries metal dome contacts, silver paste or silver carbon paste is printed as ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Control). This helps reduce electrostatic which might be harmful to other parts inside of mobile phones. Electrostatic is gathered on the printed silver paste or silver carbon paste and neutralized.

EMI Single layer -- EMI is printed on top of single-layer metal dome arrays (dome arrays)
EMI Double layer -- EMI is printed on top of double-layer metal dome arrays (dome arrays)
  1. Light & small
  2. Damp proof, heatproof, cold proof
  3. Dustproof is done on the Metal Dome, and oxygenation of Metal Dome has been avoided
Technical Parameter
Total Height: 0.28-0.45 mm
Travel: 0.13-0.30 mm
Scope of Force: 100-400 gf
Tolerance of Force: 卤25 gf
Click Ratio: >30%
Life Cycles: >1 Million Cycles
Salt and Fog Examination: v35卤2掳C, 5卤0.1%, 48H
Working Temperature: -20掳C-50掳C
Working Humidity: Under 100%RH
Touch Resistance: <1 ohm
ESD Resistance: <3 ohm
Dimension Tolerance: 卤0.05-卤0.15mm