What Polyester dome /Polydome is

Polyester dome, abbreviated as Poly dome, or Polydome, it was made by printing a layer conductive ink (silver + carbon) on polyester (PET), using a heated mold to form the half round shape by pressure or cold pressing on that conductive ink area, then it becomes a good clicking feeling dome switch. As the dome was made on Polyester, so the name polyester dome coming in.

polydome with glue 
                        (top layer)                                           (bottom layer)

This is a standard hot embossing process, so it was also named as embossed polydome. The function of poly dome is similar as metal dome.
Polydome stackup 


Polyester dome has good clicking feeling and there’s noise feedback during operation, so the click hand feeling indicates the correct operation.  And there’s a little water-proof function for polyester dome, or it’ll be damaged after contacting with water. And polyester dome also good at dust, moisture and heating preventing.

Polyester dome (Polydome) has excellent stability to pressure, and still keep good forming and performance after trip force was overloaded.


Adding an extra rubber glue layer on top of Polyester dome, then it can be adhered on silicon button, rubber keypad/keyboard.

polydome with rubber glue 


And most of cases, they are used in membrane switch, used as a switch. So also named as polyester dome switch, or membrane switch polydome, or membrane switch dome.

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