Here is basic PCB PAD design guide for Polyester dome (Polydome)  and PAD of circuit board where polydome will be assembled together.

  1. Trace/line width: 0.30mm
  2. Trace/line space: 0.25mm
  3. Both anode and cathode of trace should be in the same layer
  4. Surface finishing can be ENIG (1-3u”), hard gold plating, or even HAL, carbon, and gold is preferred as it has lower contact resistance and then better contact performance.  
  5. Diameter of conductive area on Polydome: 3.5mm (70% of Polydome embossing area)
  6. Diameter of Polydome embossing area (half circle): 5mm.
  7. Different diameter for polydome are available: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm


(Polydome & Circuit PAD dimension)

(Polydome in membrane switch)

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