While most of our metal dome, metal dome array, polyester dome, Polydome, were used in membrane switch, keyboard, keypad as a switch, there’s still one type of switch which didn’t need extra dome array or polyester dome, but print the conducting material on itself, to save cost and space. That is rubber key with conductive ink.

The conductive ink will be printed under the bottom rubber key, so that it’ll the electronic contacting parts as a switch, and working method is similar like polyester dome (Polydome), see How Polydome Works.
By avoiding assembling metal dome array or polyester dome (Polydome), you can save assembly time while using rubber key with conductive ink, but the clicking feeling is the worst comparing with dome array or Polydome.

Here you can see basic structure of rubber key, feature and application, parameters such as stroke, trip force, dimension tolerance, design guide point, assembly with plastic shell, housing, how to choose rubber key, rubber key conductive area design and PCB pad design, life cycle and testing, and so on.

All the information listed here is for reference only, customer should prepare and check their own rubber key design, to make sure it’ll workable to meet their requirements, and suitable fitting with our metal dome array, Polyester dome, membrane switch.

Please contact us any time, if you need any supporting, or comments for rubber key design.