Welcome Back, Welcome Rooster Year 2017!

Welcome back everybody! Welcome back to work to make your dream, to make our dreams come true! After the longest holiday (15 days), our company resumed on Feb 5! (The ninth day of first month of Chinese Lunar Calendar)

In the morning, more than 25 minutes before normal working time beginning, our girls already arrived at the office, so excited that can’t wait for boss to open the door^_^. Boss give the lucky money in red packet to everyone come to office in the first day, even the people deliver the parcel, guard whom just said “Good luck in 2017” (Gong Xi Fa Cai!). We believe that will bring lucky to people giving and receiving.










Both boys and girls were happy to see each other after 2 weeks Spring Festival and asked for questions such as “how are you?” “how did you spend Spring Festival?” even “Did you date?”.

In the afternoon went to Phoenix Mountain Forest for hiking. This is a traditional activity on the first working day after New Year vacation in our company. We can talk to each other under the open air, everybody shared their stories and we always laugh when heard something interested happened during holiday.

Best Technology Team in Phoenix Mountain Forest on Feb 5 2017

Best Technology Team in Phoenix Mountain Forest on Feb 5 2017









After around half hour, we arrived the top of Mountain and everyone feel satisfactory because they made it, the first goal in the new year come true!

Happy Flgman

Happy Flgman











Happy Girls on the mountain

Happy Girls on the mountain











We believe after such long vacation, all of our team members were fresh with energy and are ready to provide best service and suitable products to our customers. Looking forward to hearing more news from our customers, partners, friends and family, as well as looking for new people to join our team to make their dreams come true!

Company Vision

Company Vision











Team Member on the top of Mountain

Team Member on the top of Mountain













If any inquiry for Metal Dome, whatever it is Circle (Round), Four-leg (Cross), Triangle, Oblong, or customized shape dome; Packed in bulk (PE bag), in Tube, or in Tape & reel; or metal dome array (single layer, double layer, rubber glue, EMI, LGF; Single key dome array or plunger (actuator) dome array, welcome to contact us. You will see how Best Technology can save your time and money!

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How to test the life of metal dome?

I often receive this question “ what’s the life of this metal dome? We require 1million times?” from customers, it’s very easy to tell you the answer, but I think you maybe want to know how to test and get the result.

Hereby I will tell you how to test the life of metal dome, but firstly, I should let you know, we don’t have a unified test method in the market. And right now, a lot of people use ASTM F15780-07: Contact closure cycling generally testing conditions. And the standard we used was more higher in most of areas.

1) Testing probe: Often use rubber probe & tungsten steel probe, probe size from 1.5 mm to 3.0 mm or more bigger, normally it’s 30% of diameter of metal dome.

metal dome test probe

metal dome test probe

2) Test force: We use two times active force of metal dome, but in USA and EU, most of customers only use 1.1 times, so our testing force is higher, so that the final life cycle result will be smaller than others, but that also means customer can get a more longer life cycles if using their own standard.

metal dome testing force

metal dome testing force

3) Test Frequency: 2-3 times per second (120 times -180 times per minutes), 72,000~10,800 times/hour.

metal dome life test speed and time data

metal dome life test speed and time data

Before testing, should pre-press the dome 5-10 times, then put this dome under the test probe, set the test condition and begin life testing, until metal dome broken.

We will record various parameters of metal dome after each 100,000 times testing. (normally take 10 hours to go through 100,000 times). These parameters will includes:

CP: Compression Peak Force;

CL: Compression Low Force;

RL: Release Low Force;

RP: Compression Peak Force

CC: Click Feeling:

(CC(%)=(CP-CL)/CP x 100%, it is normally between 35% and 60%.)

Travel (stroke):


metal dome force test report

metal dome force test report

For other parameters, please refer to another article: http://www.metal-domes.com/blog/2006/11/11/metal-dome-tech-and-parameter/

It will take 4-5 days to finish this metal dome life cycle testing, if your target was 1 million times. And for some metal domes, life cycles can be 2M or 3M times. And we are also developing new metal dome to achieve 5M and 10M times.

metal dome life test report

metal dome life test report

Also if your testing condition was different from us, the final result will be different. As mentioned above, most of customers in USA or EU will have longer life cycles than us, because different testing probe, force, or frequency. So maybe you can tell us what your testing parameters are so that we can simulate your metal dome life cycle testing condition to get a more closed result as yours.

Now are you clear how to test the life of metal dome? Below photo is the life testing machine. (metal dome life tester)

metal dome life tester

metal dome life tester

Best Technology Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of metal dome & dome array for more than ten years, please feel free to contact us, we will solve your questions. We are here, always with you.

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Customer Andrea And Alessandra From Italy Visit Our Company

On Oct 26th , our customer Andrea and Alessandra from Italy visited our company. This is the first time we met since they became our customer in July. They are so nice and kind, and we don’t need to take long time to be familiar with each other.

Andrea and Alessandra visited our metal dome factory, to see whole metal dome manufacturing process, from raw material (stainless steel foil) loading and feeding, metal dome punching, collection, initial testing force, ultrasonic cleaning, inspection (FQC), life testing and packing, as well as warehouse, metal dome tooling repairing room. You see it’s very simple procedure, right?

Raw material Loading, feeding and punching

Raw material Loading feeding and punching

Raw material Loading feeding and punching









Life test of metal dome

metal dome life testing

metal dome life testing

After visited the process line of metal dome, they were very happy and spoke highly to us. Later, we discussed order details, such price, shipping method, etc and the possibly to develop a new shape & function of metal dome which will always keep in contacting status. We have more confidence in our future cooperation after this meeting.

Andrea and Alessandra, so glad to see you this time, looking forward to seeing you soon next year.

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Happy Cambodia Vacation 2016!

From Aug 18th to Aug 23rd, some team member from Best Technology was in Cambodia for annual vacation.

They visited Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, saw the Angkor Wat, Bakong, Phnom Bakheng, Banteay Srei and a lot of other famous sites in Cambodia.

BEST Team in Angkor Wat

BEST Team in Angkor Wat





















After enjoyed the beautiful sculpture built during 802-1432, our team believe nothing can be lasted forever but excellent creation, and nothing is impossible if you insist on that and keep on doing.

BEST team in village of Cambodia

BEST team in village of Cambodia










Now is full of fresh energy back to office, will continue to provide best service, excellent products to our customers. Please contact us today if any inquiry for metal dome, or metal dome array or any other special metal dome arrays.

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What is one key metal dome array(DA)?

One key dome array means the dome array with only one metal dome(snap dome), this commonly used in only one button or key switches. Below some info FYI

1.The size for metal dome can be 3-16mm, size for the dome array is 2-4mm larger than metal dome size. Usually the square dome array and round dome array are most used. Also your customed design can be accepted, just send us drawings for evaluation.

2.Shape for metal dome, round, four-leg, triangle, oblong all are ok for one key metal dome array, except triangle metal dome with legs.

3.single layer or double layer,white or clear(transparent),it depends on your requirement.


Below are some pics of one key metal dome array FYI. If you still have some questions about it,just contact with us or send us your design for evaluation.

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What’s the snap dome force, Re-force and click ratio?

Are you clear about the meaning of force, Re-force and click ratio? Please see below for details.

Snap dome force is that the the force when you press down the snap dome to contact the pcb. It should be stability of the force in order to ensure quality of the snap dome.

Re-force is the pressure let the snap dome return back to top.

Click ratio=(Force-Re-force)/Force*100%, the click ratio is narmal between 35%-75%

If you want to know more details about snap dome, please contact us for more information.

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What is dome sheet venting

The movement of air is called venting and is important for dome array sheet work.

If there is no venting(air channel),it will affect the click feeling and switch functions.Even though it is not needed for every product,It is desirable in almost all applications.When you press the metal dome,the air is trapped. So in order to avoid the affect of compress air underneath,the air channel is recommended.


There are different ways to design the venting.

1)      air venting on spacer between metal domes

2)      Can be top vented on Mylar

3)      Air venting can be designed on pcb board.


Anyway,the incorrect metal dome sheet design will affect the functions and click feeling.So if you need some help about it,just contact with us.

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The triangle metal domes can be made into dome array?

As you know, the triangle metal domes are divided into two types, with legs or without legs.

Triangle metal domes without legs can be made with metal dome array. While the metal dome with legs can not be done, this is only we can make the legs inserted into the printed circuit board holes, and then bend on other side, it can be fixed.


For no legs triangle metal domes with adhesive sheet, you can design one key or several KEYS according to your PCB layout.

For triangle metal domes with legs, you also have several choices.

Leg size,0.8*0.8mm,  0.8*1.5mm,  0.8*3.0mm


If you need to know more details of the triangle metal domes, please feel free to contact us.

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The minimum diameter of the metal dome?

Maybe you are looking for some small size metal domes,do you know the minimum diameter of metal dome we can make?

Below diameter of small metal dome are most used.

1, circle metal dome: 2.5 mm diameter,

2, four-leg metal dome: 5mm diameter

3, triangle metal dome: 4 mm, diameter

4, oblong metal dome: 4 mm.


We have different forces for your choice,from 100g to 400g,what is your requirement?please just contact us.

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What factors will influence the conduction?

Some customers feed back the conduction of metal dome is not good, ask us what reasons. Mainly six reasons in the following, we also provide the solutions of each.

(1) Factor: contact side of metal domes has dirty;

Solution: clean the dirty, or replace the dirty metal dome.

(2) Factor: the metal domes can’t touch product when pressed;

Solution: Change the height of products or add height of metal domes

(3) Factor: The shape of metal dome is not match with PAD of board;

Solution: Re-design the pad base on the shape of metal dome or change the type of metal dome.

(4) Factor: Maybe have double metal domes;

Solution: find double metal domes and remove one.

(5) Factor: Gold finger of PCB board is oxidized;

Solution: Check PCB and replace.

(6) Factor: Metal domes can’t be pressed down, because of “ear” of EMI metal dome array;

Solution: Change position of “ear” or increase the height of the metal dome.

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