Best Technology’s Outdoor Training in Dongguan

At last weekend, Peter, our general manager, made a decision to ask every partner of Best Technology to take part in an outdoor training in Dongguan in order to strengthen the ability of the team members of Best Technology.

Though it rained in the morning, every partner still adhered to this journey and made up their mind to go ahead, and then we arrived at Dongguan successfully after one-hour of the journey.
At the very beginning of the process, we encountered a rigorous instructor, who asked us to follow his order strictly otherwise we would be punished. However, every partner gave such terrific performance that the rigorous instructor can’t help complimenting us.
Next, under the guidance of the instructor, we played a lot of significant games. All of the members were divided into 3 groups during each game. With the aim of striving for winning the first-place prize, all of the members made the most of their abilities and cooperated with each other to make it. Every group won the first-place prize respectively after various kinds of games basically. The instructor said, he had never seen such an awesome team and he commented at last, Best Technology would be sure to become stronger and stronger.

At the Saturday evening, all of us still stuck to this training. The instructor asked us to cover our eyes with one black cloth for recalling the past experiences and feeling grateful to Best Technology and parents and whoever helped us before. When the music played in our ears, everyone could not help bursting into tears.
Before leaving, every partner gave a summary about this training. All were so energetic and all said they learned a lot from this training. For instance, how to cooperate with other better, and how to solve problems better by using every possible options.
In my view, the growth of Best Technology can’t do without the continuous support and belief of the new and old clients. Appreciate for the strong support and the firm belief from these clients. Best Technology promises supplying our clients with more and more excellent products.

To learn more, please log on 

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Year-End Party of 2018–Welcome New Beginning of 2019

BEST hosted a fantastic year-end party on January 18, 2019. All of us worked hard in 2018, but at that moment we just got together in the hotel to have a good relax. Leave the pressure and work alone, we talked about the efforts and fruits in 2018.

About 7 PM, the hosts announced the beginning of party.

Our handsome host and beautiful hostess

Our handsome host and beautiful hostess

After that, our general manager Peter gave a speech about the review of 2018 and the ambition of 2019. Meanwhile, he also showed his gratitude to all of the staffs in Best Technology and wish we are able to hand in hand together to do better in 2019.

Peter gave a speech

Peter gave a speech

Every department gave a talent show after the speech, including singing, dancing, magic and so on. All of the people gave their enthusiastic cheering and applaud.

We were dancing

We were dancing

We were dancing

Because of the complicated circumstance of international situation, we have gone through a series of tough time. But we survived and the sales of metal dome and dome array was still on a upward trend. All of these showed the spirit of persistence of Best Technology.

The sales of metal dome representative gave a speech

The sales of metal dome representative gave a speech

Family picture

Family picture

Best Technology is the premier expert in manufacture of metal dome and dome array. We tried our best to give you a competitive supply of four-leg metal dome, triangle metal domeLGF etc. in 2018. And we would like to provide the most suitable products and the most satisfying service to customers in 2019. To learn more, contact us at 0755-29091601 or check our website:


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How to Assemble Adhesive Tape of Metal Dome?

In order to provide convenience for assembly, then the adhesive tape of metal dome emerges. Thus, how to assemble the adhesive tape on the printed circuit board is one of the difficulties to the metal dome manufacturers. Today, Best Technology would like to share something about how to assemble adhesive tape of meta dome with you. And the two kinds of assemble method as below:

1. How to assemble the single layer adhesive tape

Single layer adhesive tape just have one layer of PET which is silica gel, PPA or LCP plastic material. The thing we need to do is that peeling off the plastic material and pressing the adhesive tape with metal dome on it, then it can be firmly pasted on PCB. After that, we have finished the whole procedure of assembling adhesive tape of metal dome.

Tips: It is required to peel off the plastic material which aims at protecting the adhesive tape during transportation or storage.

How to peel of the single layer adhesive tape
How to peel of the single layer adhesive tape


Pasting the single layer adhesive tape on PCB
Pasting the single layer adhesive tape on PCB

2. How to paste double layer adhesive tape

Double layer adhesive tape is different from the single one. Compared with the single layer adhesive tape, it has an extra layer of spacer which can stop the PET from the dust. Meanwhile, the spacer can also improve the feeling of operation and avoid our hands are hurted by metal domes when assemble too quickly.

Tips: The plastic tissue on the back side should be abandoned and then tear off the adhesive tape on the front side to paste it on the printed circuit board. However, please keep an eye on the alignment of metal domes with the conductive parts during pasting.

How to peel off the plastic tissue on the back side
How to peel off the plastic tissue on the back side
Tearing off the adhesive tape on the front side
Tearing off the adhesive tape on the front side


Pasting the double layer adhesive tape on PCB
Pasting the double layer adhesive tape on PCB


The metal domes must be pasted above the conductive part of the printed circuit board and no deviation.

The adhesive tape can not be pasted several times.

Be careful when assemble and not be hurted by the metal domes.

Best Technology is headquartered in metal dome and dome array and we have a dedicated which always striding for the best quality products and services. If you would like to find out more about Best Technology, please give us a call at 0755-29091601 or view our website:

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How to Choose Metal Domes for Your Electronic Products?

Metal domes (named stainless steel domes, or tactile metal domes), are momentary switch contacts that, when used in conjunction with a printed circuit board, flex circuit, or membrane, become normally-open tactile switches.

The metal domes play an significant role in connecting circuits. Therefore, if the metal dome was broken, your electronic products would be destroyed because you choose a wrong metal dome. As a premier expert in metal dome, Best Technology would like to give you several tips about how to choose metal domes.

  1. Choose Metal Domes with Long Life

The life of the four-leg metal dome only has 200 thousand to 300 thousand times, but the life in the range of 50 thousand to 1 million times is very few. When it comes to the circle metal dome, such as the domes with 4mm or 5mm dimples, the life of them is 700 thousand to 800 thousand times.

  1. Choose the Most Suitable Material for Your Metal Domes

It is not advisable to choose the materials according to the price. If the material is not suitable, then it will easily cause the case like this: the metal dome can not rebound when it is pressed. It is hard to find with naked eyes and it can only be found by testing.

  1. Consider the Force of Metal Domes

The customers are strict with the force of metal domes, that is, the force should be evenly distributed. Meanwhile, the force should be controlled in a range of tolerance (±20gf).

  1. Consider the Outline of Metal Domes

We should pay attention to the outline of metal domes whether there are any dislocation of the dimple, dirt, crush etc.. If you choose the metal dome without a dimple, the contact surface between the metal dome and circuit is relatively large. In case of the dust entering, the rate of poor conductivity of metal domes will increase.

The metal dome with dimple only the dimple contact with the circuit. The dust will be left around the dimple instead of on the dimple if there are dusts entering. If there are dusts on the dimple, then you can press the metal dome for several times to make the dust fall off. In this way, it will decrease the rate of poor conductivity of metal domes.

Best Technology is headquartered in Shenzhen China. We have a dedicated team of engineers always striding for the best quality products and services. Therefore, with the rich experience, we are able to tell you how to choose the best metal dome for your electronic products. If you would like to find out more about what makes Best Technology different from our competitors, give us a call at 0755-29091601 or view our website:

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Why the Metal Dome Inside the Touch Switch Is No Function?

A lot of problems will come across when we use the touch switch. Why the metal dome inside the touch switch cannot be pressed?The truth is the touch switch no function. There are many reasons to be think about why it is no function.

To begin with, life is the first one that cause the metal dome cannot be pressed. At this moment, Best Technology recommends putting the metal dome to the life testing equipment and analyze whether the life of metal dome has already reached the working life.

Secondly, operating the metal dome in a wrong way will also cause it no function. Generally speaking, visualization is able to judge whether the metal dome can be pressed. Because the original shape of the metal dome is convex. If the shape of the metal dome is concave, it indicates that the metal dome cannot be pressed.

Finally, even though the metal dome can be pressed but it still has no function. It means that the touch switch is not conductive. There are several reasons for this. On one hand, the legs of the touch switch were oxidized or damaged. On the other hand, the metal dome inside the touch switch was oxidized, too. so that the outer oxide layer would prevent conductivity.

touch switch with four legs

touch switch with four legs

Since established in 2006, Best Technology Co., Ltd. was founded specifically to serve the membrane switch and related mechanical switch industries, to be customers’ best partner of metal dome and dome array in China.

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Why the Key of Metal Dome Is Invalid?

  1. The metal dome and PCB have poor contact when there are dirty things on the dimple of metal dome.

Solution: replacing a new metal dome; wiping the metal dome; using the metal dome that has lots of dimples in the center

  1. The goldfinger on PCB (printed circuit board)/FPC (flexible printed circuit) is oxidized then affect the contact between the board and the metal dome.

Solution: replacing a new PCB or FPC

  1. The shape of the metal domeis not matched with the shape of tabs on the PCB/FPC.

Solution: replacing the corresponding metal dome according to the shape of tabs on the PCB/FPC.

four leg metal dome

four leg metal dome

  1. The gap between metal dome and the key is too large.

Solution: changing another metal dome with suitable stroke according to the parameter of design.

  1. The gap between the keys is too small

Solution: increasing the height of metal dome or shorten the gap between the key and metal dome.

Since established in 2006, Best Technology is always dedicated to provide the most suitable products for clients, to be customer’s best partner of metal dome and dome array.

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How to Assemble Metal Domes?

What should we do after collecting the metal domes? Please check the video below.

The video shows some steps of how to assemble metal domes. At first, we need to customize an assembly jig according to the products those customer needed. Then put the tube that has already collected metal domes in the corresponding hole of the jig. The adhesive PET film has been already positioned in the jig and the metal domes will pop out through the airflow from the bottom to the top when pressing the assembly equipment. At this moment, the metal domes will be pasted on the hole of the adhesive PET film. After that, the process of assembling metal domes is over. It is very easy, right?

By the way, if you would like to know further information about collecting metal doems, please click How to Collect the Metal Domes to the Tube?

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How to Collect the Metal Domes to the Tube?

We often receive a question from the customers like this: “How to place the metal domes on the adhesive PET film?” General speaking, there are two methods to assemble the metal dome on the adhesive PET film, including half-auto assembly and full manual assembly. The half-auto assembly is applicable to the oblong metal dome or the circle metal dome with smaller diameter, such as diameter 4mm and 5mm. Because the half-auto assembly will be used to answer the question, the full manual assembly will not be explain in details. In order to show you the details about how to place the metal dome on the adhesive PET film, two videos have been prepared as following?

The first step is collecting metal domes. Please click the video below: How to collect the metal domes to the tube?

To begin with, the metal domes are needed to put in the collecting machine and the tube which is used to collect metal domes should be placed in the end of the conveyor belt. Then the metal domes move slowly on the conveyor belt and the direction of them also change slowly. All of metal domes are in one direction and face up. Only in this way to ensure the metal domes are face up when they get into the tube. However, why the metal domes require to face up? Because the adhesive PET film is facing down during assembly, the right way to assemble is that the metal domes face up to the adhesive PET film. Meanwhile, at the next video you will know the second step about metal domes assembly, click here for more: How to Assemble the Metal Domes?


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Fingerprint Inspection Method for Metal Dome

In the manufacturing process of metal dome, the metal dome will be inevitably touched by fingers. The fingerprint and grease left will accelerate oxidation of metal dome and reduce its life. Then the quality of the metal dome getting lower is followed. Therefore, the quality inspection of the metal dome is one of the important parts to enhance the product competition.

Nowadays, the visual inspection is used by a majority companies, but it is inefficient and easy to misjudge. In order to improve the production efficiency, so a sort of method based on machine vision for fingerprint inspection of metal dome was proposed.

The method uses Generalized Hough Transform to locate the target, extracting the Gray-level Co-occurrence Matrix of targets and supporting Vector Machine classification, which realizes the automatic inspection of the quality of the metal dome. Most of the experimental results show that the method has achieved good effect and got practical and promotional value in a certain.

Since established in 2006, Best Technology always tries its best to use the most advanced technology to inspect the metal dome, to be customers’ best partners of metal dome and metal dome array with high quality.

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What Will Cause the Metal Dome Can’t Rebound?

The reason why the metal dome is pressed but do not rebound maybe related to the operational environment as well as the using habits of the operators. The metal dome must be used in a flat surface. It is a very long stroke if the metal dome is pressed on a concave surface, which is easy to cause anti-concave of the metal dome. And pressing the metal dome with a strong force will also cause anti-concave of it.

In addition to the above reasons, there is still another one: the metal dome has deformed.

As known to us, the metal dome will be deformed by the external force. There are several possibility will cause like that:

  1. The material is squeezed during transportation.
  2. The metal dome is stuck by the jig.
  3. Tweezers are used in the manufacturing process.

Now we have already know the reasons, but how to prevent? Details as below:

Preventive measures

  1. Using foam to wrap a few laps when the material is packed, then put it into the carton,sticking a fragile tag and ask the courier to take it carefully during transportation.
  2. Using tweezers to pick out the metal dome that is stuck by the jig.The metal dome should not be reused if it is stuck in the jig.
  3. In order to prevent the metal dome from deformation, using tweezersto clamp the metal dome should be lightly in the manufacturing process.

If you also would like to know further information of click feeling about metal dome, click here to read How to Calculate the Click Feeling of Metal Dome?

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