Several Factors of Affecting the Quality of the Metal Domes

Nowadays, there are still a lot of customers who do not quite know the metal dome,just know the cheaper the better. But this is actually one of the biggest mistakes, so we should see several factors which affect the quality of the metal dome.

Metal dome is an important part used in membrane switch, PCB boards and other products and has played an important role in conducting circuit, when you press, the line will be turned on, when you release, it will automatically disconnect. If the metal dome has a problem, it will affect your product, or even a brand of your company. So here I would like to tell you to pay attention to the following items:

1.The metal domes life:

Nowadays a lot of metal dome life is not up to standard, four-leg(only 200,000 times to 300,000 times), and the price is relatively cheap, but we can make those which life can be achieved in the 500,000 to 1,000,000 times, and round metal dome, like 4C, C5 small dome, generally only 700,000 to 800,000 times life can be achieved, and the price is relatively low. While our C4, C5 can react to 1,000,000 times.

2.The metal domes force:

Metal domes force is the most stringent requirements of foreign customers, that is to say, each metal dome force is used to being uniform and will not be high or low from time to time.

3.The metal dome material:

There are three kinds of material: domestic materials, South Korean materials, and Janpan material.  The biggest weakness of metal dome is “Dead Key”. It’s very difficult to see which is better from the appearance of the materials, we can only find the better via the testing.

4.The metal domes appearance:

When selecting metal domes, pay attention to the appearances in case of dirt, scratches, grease, crushing, etc. ……

Best Technology has been specializing in producing metal domes and metal dome arrays since establishment and our products are popular at home and abroad. If you would like to know more, contact us anytime.

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Two dimensional measuring instrument for metal dome array

Here we would like to introduce a major testing equipment for metal dome array: Two dimensional measuring instrument.

Two dimensional measuring instrument(image measuring instrument or video measuring machine) is used to measure the size of the product and mold, measuring factors including location, concentricity, straightness, contour, roundness and size and so on. Here are some features as below:

1) Any measuring in plane geometry, including the diameter, radius, length, angle, width, height, depth, distance from point to point, point to line distance, from the center and so on.
2) Has a parts camera, making comparison more intuitive.
3) Software can always analyze measurement data.
4) Measurement data can be imported directly into Word, Excel for analysis.
5) Has the function of automatic boundary, making measurements more quickly and accurately.
6) Shortcuts feature that allows the operator to measure quickly and easily.
7) Can be saved in DXF format, seamless transfer of data with AutoCAD software.
8) Can be edited directly in AutoCAD, so that it will be more convenient and faster to use the measurement results for processing.

The Two dimensional measuring instrument can measure the metal dome and metal dome array such as metal dome diameter, metal dome array size, hole to hole, hole to metal dome as well as our molds.

If you are still confused, just contact us and we will get back to you at our soonest convenience.

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A Dimple for Metal Dome Design

Metal domes underneath membrane switches help keep the membrane from remaining in contact with the key at all times. The domes also help conduct the electricity through the keypad, sending a clearer signal to the circuits of the unit, preventing misfiring and other problems that can occur when the circuitry is out of alignment. The dome design also retains a high level of buoyancy, which keeps the dome and key popping back into place after every press. These little metal domes are a vital part of any membrane-based design, and most membrane switch systems use domes for the above-mentioned reasons.

However, there has been a problem with the standard dome design for membrane keypad. Most domes are constructed with a raised, rounded bubble that reaches above the corners of the strip of metal. The corners always rest on the keypad, keeping the dome from coming into contact with the circuit board unless the dome in pushed. The metal “feet” on the button must stay in place securely, otherwise the domes can shift and cause problems with the board.

Unfortunately, with extended use, many of these domes will shift or move over time. This makes them difficult to use, and it is also difficult to fix this issue without replacing the entire keypad. The best solution to this problem has been the addition of a second dome or dimple placed in the center of the original dome, which can reduce the need for a keypad actuator. The actuator normally controls the keys as they are pressed to ensure that they only apply pressure to the designated key, rather than to surrounding keys or buttons. The dimple on the surface of the dome helps keep the key in proper alignment and makes precise accuracy in the placement of the dome or keypad actuator unnecessary.

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Will the dust get in the metal dome array during use?

During the course of using the metal dome array, will the dust get in? This has something to do with the assembly method of metal domes.

For instance, the triangle metal dome with the legs is usually fixed with the two legs on the PCB. During the course, dust easily enters the surface of the PAD through the two slots on the PCB, causing poor conduction.

If it is not properly designed, dust will be easy to enter. For instance, the metal dome is too close to the edge, and the metal dome is easy to put the PET up. During the pressing course, the dust is easy to enter the surface on the PAD of PCB and cause poor conduction.

Would you like to know more details for the design of the metal dome array? Then please contact with us.

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Thank you to our visiting customers

Best is increasingly focused on promoting its products and solutions all around the world, including the market of the Republic of Belarus.

This is why 4 customers from the Republic of Belarus visited Best Technology on Oct 21, 2019, in order to better understand the business we can provide.

In the office

What makes us feel very warm is that the customers also took sweet chocolates. We appreciate for having such considerate customers.

Sweet chocolates

During the meeting, Peter, our general manager and Connie, our salesgirl gave detailed description of the metal dome samples we can provide and the customers shew great interests on them. What’s more, the customers also got understanding of other businesses such as PCB and FPC products we can provide from what was introduced by other 2 salesgirls (Celine and Marina).

When the meeting was coming to an end, the customers signed their names on the signature wall and also said that Best was valued as a distinguished supplier and it was one of the best choices of them to choose to cooperate with Best Technology.

Sign on the signature wall

Here we wish to express our sincere thanks to all the Best staff, who made this event happen and are grateful having had the chance to welcome the awesome customers to our company.

To our customer, thank you for spending your time with us. We enjoy getting to know you and your businesses better. We hope you enjoyed your visit and hope you come back to see us again.

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A Customer Visits Best Technology to Confirm our Capabilities

Today we have been lucky enough to have a customer from South Africa visit us. We really enjoy it when we have customer visits. We get a chance to talk to him face-to-face and give him a tour of our company.

Through the early mail and telephone communication, he has had a preliminary understanding of the machine and our factory. Today, our customer recognizes our capability through the field inspection.

Flexibility and adjusting to customer needs is our strong point.

We are delighted that our customer has visited our operations, to see how we provide the consistent quality of our Best Technology products. The response has been consistently enthusiastic and positive.

Things move pretty fast day-to-day. People are busy. We all have things to do and deadlines to get them done. This is why we appreciate the time to look our customers in the eye, shake their hands and thank them for choosing us. It matters to us. We want people to really know how grateful we are to be working with them. It’s fantastic when we have that opportunity.

We appreciate the customer taking the time to visit our operations and subsequently share his observations.

To our customer, thank you for spending your time with us. We enjoy getting to know you and your businesses better. We hope you enjoyed your visit and hope you come back to see us again.

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How is the tape reel metal dome placed on membrane switch?

Would you like to know how the tape reel metal dome is placed on membrane switch? Now you can get the answer from this video:

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Best Technology’s Exhibition in SANTA CLARA

Best Technology will be participating in PCB West exhibition at the convention center in SANTA CLARA on Tuesday, 10th, September 2019. PCB West attracts nearly 3,000 visitors comprising of designers and engineers and more than 100 exhibitors each year.

Exhibition poster

You will see 10mm to 1,500 mm flexible circuit board, from 2 layer rigid-flex circuit to 50 layers, 1/2 OZ copper to 3 OZ, 0.15mm extra thin FR4 PCB to 30 OZ heavy copper, turn-key service includes FPC, PCB, MCPCB, Ceramic PCB, components purchasing, Product Assembly.  Welcome to see how much we can save your time, your money!


Don’t miss out on an opportunity to visit the Best Technology booth and find out more about the technology, services and solutions that we can deliver to you and your customers.


Feel free to get in touch with us to schedule a meeting ahead of time at



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Best Wish From Best Technology 13th Anniversary

Last Friday (June 28) is the 13th anniversary of Best Technology. Hereby peter, our general manager and all of the colleague in Best Technology gave the best wishes to all of our clients, partners and suppliers. Thanks for the continuous support from them and look forward to building a brighter future with them.

To learn more, please log on

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Celebration of the 13th Anniversary of Best Technology

This Friday June 28th is 13th anniversary of our company, so we had a celebration in advance last weekend. The staff of Best Technology went to Jiaochangwei by bus, the only place with coastline in Shenzhen, China on June 22, 2019. Everyone was excited, looking forward to a memorable journey and cheering for the company’s anniversary. The journey was such meaningful and exciting that everyone was deeply impressed.

Taking a photo in the seaside

We had big BBQ party on the seaside, this was a very wonderful thing. The girls washed foods, such as vegetables, meat, etc. The boys made a fire and baked. And it was very hot at that day, we cooked at outside, no air conditioner, so some girls fanned for the boys, it was a lovely thing. After a short period of time, some dishes were ready, we tasted and it was nice, we cooked together and enjoyed the happy time around three hours.

BBQ activity

At 21:00 pm, Peter, our general manager, shared the development history of Best Technology:

Year 2006: Established in HK;

Year 2007: We had our office in Dongguan;

2010.1: Our company was moved to Shenzhen from Dongguan;

2014 to now: We own a bigger office in Shenzhen.

At the very beginning, there was just one person (Peter) in Best Technology, while Best Technology owns almost 100 people so far. Also, we just focused on the sales of metal domes in early establishment, while we can provide both the metal domes business and PCB (FPC, PCB, MCPCB, Ceramic PCB) for our clients now. Step by step, Best Technology gained a lot. Peter said, what he felt most was the continuous trust and support of the clients all the time. Thanks for the belief of our awesome clients and we will do our best to live up to their expectation.

Peter’s share

As advocated by Best’s corporate culture, our corporate mission is to provide customers with the most satisfactory service and the most suitable products, so, we strive for excellence, stay true to the mission as we always believe we can only attract more and more clients and take a place in the world market by adhering to this belief.

Happy 13th anniversary to Best. Wish Best will develop stronger and stronger.

To learn more, please log on

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