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A dome array, often referred to as a domed array or tactile metal dome arrays. It is a type of tactile switch technology commonly used in electronic devices, particularly in membrane keyboards and other input devices.

What is a Dome Array?

A dome array consists of a set of single metal domes, typically made from metal or polycarbonate, arranged in a specific pattern on a flexible substrate. Each dome acts as a switch, which, when pressed, collapses and makes contact with a conductive layer underneath, completing an electrical circuit.

When a user presses a dome, it collapses and makes contact with the conductive layer below, completing the circuit. This action generates a signal that is sent to the device’s control system, registering the press. Once the pressure is released, the dome returns to its original shape, breaking the contact and resetting the switch.

What is a Dome Array?

What is the Structure of Metal Dome Array?

Metal dome array, generally, is double layer structure. Its structure from the top to the bottom is as follows.

  • Mylar: it is the uppermost layer and transparent, and generally its thickness is 0.05mm;
  • Spacer: it has two colors, including transparent and white; generally, its thickness is 0.075mm, 0.0125mm and 0.010mm;
  • Metal Dome: The central component, usually made from stainless steel or polycarbonate. It has numerous types, including round/circle metal dome, triangle metal dome, oblong metal dome and 4-legs metal dome. Each one has different shapes and specifications.
  • Adhesive: the thickness ranges from 0.02mm to 0.05mm.
  • Release paper: it is the lowermost layer, playing the role of protecting the dome array, and will be the waste after being tearing down.
Dome Array Structure

Dome Array vs Metal Dome

Dome array is different with metal dome. It mainly manifested in that metal dome is a single, standalone dome switch made from stainless steel. While dome array consists of one or multiply metal domes. Metal dome is specially designed to provide tactile feedback when pressed. Here is a basic comparison chart between them.

FeatureDome ArrayMetal Dome
MaterialMetal or polycarbonate domesPrimarily stainless steel
StructureMultiple domes on a flexible substrateSingle piece
ApplicationsMembrane keyboards, remote controls, input devicesConsumer electronics, medical devices, industrial controls
AdvantagesMultiple switches, flexibility, integrationDurability, tactile feedback, long lifespan
DisadvantagesComplex assembly, potential wearSingle function, less flexible
Use CaseDevices requiring multiple inputsHigh-durability requirements, clear tactile feedback
Dome Array vs Metal Dome

Where Metal Dome Array Will Be Used In?

Dome arrays have a widely applications in control devices due to their reliability and cost-effectiveness. You may see it everywhere in our daily life. Here Best technology listing some common fields that dome arrays will be used in and their specific uses.

  • Membrane keyboards
  • Remote controls
  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical devices
  • Automotive controls
  • Point of sale (POS) systems
  • Home appliances
  • Industrial equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • Fitness equipment
Where Metal Dome Array Will Be Used In?

As a leading dome array manufacturer, we excel in the high precise dome array production. We have our own dome array and metal dome factory in Shenzhen, so that we can save much time and money during manufacturing. Welcome your any messages and comments.

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When is International Labour Day in 2024 and What are the Significances of It?

International Labour Day, also known as May Day or International Worker’s Day, is observed on May 1st each year, serving as a global celebration of labor and the working classes. It will be in Wednesday in 2024.

What is the history of International Labour Day?

International Labor Day, also known as “May Day”, is on May 1 every year. This section comes from the general strike of workers in the city of Chicago. On May 1, 1886, more than 216,000 workers in Chicago held a general strike for the implementation of the eight-hour working day, and finally won the victory after a hard and bloody struggle. In order to commemorate this great workers’ movement, in July 1889, the Second International announced that May 1 of each year would be designated as International Workers’ Day. This decision immediately received a positive response from workers around the world.

On May 1, 1890, the working class in Europe and the United States took the lead in taking to the streets to hold grand demonstrations and rallies to fight for their legitimate rights and interests. From then on, every time on this day, the working people of all countries in the world will gather and parade to celebrate.

International Labor Day

The origin of Labour Day in China

The Chinese people’s Labor Day can be traced back to 1918. At that time, some revolutionary intellectuals in China distributed leaflets introducing May Day to the masses in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Hankou. On May 1, 1920, the workers of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jiujiang, Tangshan and other industrial cities came to the streets with great strength and vigour and held large-scale parades and rallies. After the founding of New China in December 1949, the Central People’s Government designated May 1 as the legal Labor Day. On May 1, 1950, the Chinese people celebrated the first Labor Day after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

What are the significances of Labour Day?

International Labor Day is a holiday established by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and celebrated on May 1 every year. Labor Day is of great significance, workers through the struggle, with the tenacious, brave and unyielding spirit of struggle, to win the legitimate rights and interests, is the historic progress of human civilization and democracy.

1.The significance of the Labor Day is that the workers’ struggle has achieved gratifying results, and the working hours of workers are generally shortened. Under the pressure of the workers, the governments of some countries promulgated laws in favor of the interests of the workers, which enhanced the confidence of the working class in the struggle and accumulated rich experience for the international workers’ movement. Through struggle, workers have won their legitimate rights and interests with their indomitable, heroic and unyielding spirit of struggle, which is a historic progress of human civilization and democracy.

2.To commemorate the legitimate rights and interests of the working people. In the feudal society and slave society period, the legitimate rights and interests of the working people are difficult to be guaranteed, and even oppressed by all classes, until the liberation of the mind, the working people gradually began to fight for the legitimate rights and interests, which is a very rare thing, but also a thing worth remembering and celebrating. So in 1889 Engels proposed the establishment of the May Day International Labor Day, and in the following year the international workers demonstration.

3.Legitimate rights and interests of the working people have been protected, not only their own benefits, but also a great progress of human civilization in the world. When people begin to respect the rights and interests of working people, it is a leap forward in human civilization. Therefore, Labor Day has been one of the most important holidays in most countries since it was proposed, and China has set it as a legal holiday.

4.Labor Day is behind the sweat of countless international workers, they marched for their own legitimate rights and interests, indomitable struggle for human rights, this spirit is very worthy of admiration and learning, but also all workers should not forget, so every year when the May Day to hold Labor Day.

5.In addition to the political and economic dimensions, Labor Day is also a cultural event, with parades, picnics, barbecues and public gatherings. This aspect helps strengthen community ties and brings people together to celebrate. The day provides an opportunity to reflect on broader social justice issues affecting the workforce, including immigration, globalization and the changing economic landscape, which are often highlighted in Labor Day rallies and speeches.

International Labor Day

As we observe May Day, it’s important to remember the historical significance of this day and to continue advocating for the rights and welfare of workers around the world. It is a day to honor the contributions of workers to global economies, recognize their struggles, and reaffirm commitments to labor rights and social justice.

In the Best Technology, our office also will close one day from May 1st to May 2nd, and resume to work at May 2nd. If you have some inquiries or questions during this time, welcome to e-mail us, our sales will reply it on May 2nd.

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Does metal dome installation have anything to do with specs?

Regarding the installation and welding of metal domes

The installation of metal domes has always been one of the issues that customers are more concerned about. Many customers will ask about the installation of the triangular metal dome before purchasing a dome, so let me tell you about the installation of the dome and what are its effects?

What are the specifications of triangular metal domes?

First we have to consider the specifications of the metal dome. Triangular metal domes are specifically divided into two types: with legs and without legs. Triangular domes with legs are also distinguished according to the length of the legs, usually 3.0MM, 1.6MM, and 0.8MM. The width of the feet is usually 0.8MM, but there are also some customized models that require a suitable installation method to be designed according to the specific length.

triangular metal dome

Triangular Metal Dome Life Strength

The principle of using the triangular metal dome is that it can function as a conductive circuit on the PCB board. When the dome is pressed down, the four sides of the dome will extend to a certain extent. If the two legs of the dome are welded and fixed, when the dome is pressed down, the dome will not extend to the surroundings, but the force will increase, and the service life of the dome will be shortened, making the dome unable to Use its special properties normally. In normal use, the life of the metal dome can reach 5 million times. When the metal dome is used in products, it will be affected by the environment, but the service life can also be maintained at millions of uses.

metal dome

How to install dome more stably?

If the triangular dome is installed unstablely, the metal dome can easily fall off or become dislocated during use, which will affect the operation and functionality of the product. Then you can choose to use a metal dome array. Simply put, a layer of film is added on top of the metal dome to fix the position of the metal dome. When the dome is pressed down, it will not affect its extension to the surroundings and will not affect the working principle of the dome. And the installation is simpler than metal dome and more stable in use.

What is the difference between metal domes with dots and without dots?

Metal domes without dots, such as round domes, oval domes and other metal domes without dots, are mostly used in micro switches, mobile phone buttons, remote controls and other products. There are also cross-shaped domes, which are mostly used in Among products such as membrane switches and PCB boards, the metal dome array of these products has relatively high conductivity requirements. These products have relatively high requirements for the production environment and need to be produced in a dust-free workshop. If there is dust contamination during production, , will affect the conductivity of the metal dome.

dotted metal dome

The dotted metal dome is a metal dome with a protruding point in the middle. After product use testing, the dotted metal dome can effectively reduce poor conduction performance. If dust enters during use, the dust will only appear around the bumps. At the same time, after pressing, the dust can fall off through vibration. This also prevents it from affecting the service life of the metal dome and reduces poor conductivity.

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Metal Dome Design and Application Trends

The metal dome is the only metal component in the membrane switch. With technological advancement and changes in market demand, the metal dome, as an indispensable key component, is becoming more and more important in various types of electronic equipment and mechanical equipment. Under the current circumstances, many products use metal domes in a confusing manner, especially in flexible circuits. They are only used as a component to provide tactile feedback, which causes many disadvantages in the performance of membrane switches and even causes the membrane switches to lose their due function. So what are the designs and functions of metal domes? What are the main application environments? Let me take you through it below!

How to Design a Metal Dome?

The metal dome design process involves many factors. First of all, the shape of the metal dome is crucial. Details such as diameter, height, curvature, and contact location need to be carefully considered to ensure that it can provide precise press feedback, stable and reliable conductive performance, and maintain sufficient Travel distance and rebound force. In addition, factors such as corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature stability under environmental conditions must also be considered during design to adapt to the stringent requirements of different application scenarios.

dome array

In terms of material selection, metal domes are usually made of high-quality stainless steel such as SUS301 or 304. These two stainless steels are favored for their excellent elasticity, corrosion resistance and good electrical conductivity. Among them, the ultra-thin (0.05mm-0.1mm) and high-hardness stainless steel 301 metal dome is particularly suitable for occasions that require fine control and long life. Of course, depending on the specific application fields and product requirements, manganese steel or other alloy materials may also be selected and undergo a heat treatment process to obtain ideal mechanical properties and durability.

The design optimization and material selection of the metal dome directly affect the performance, durability and user experience of the product.

What are the functions of metal domes?

1. Use the conductivity of metal to connect the two-pole contacts of the switch.

2. End the rebound of the metal dome and provide tactile feedback to the operator.

metal dome

Types and specifications of metal domes

According to the shape, there are circles, triangles and crosses. In order to make the bottom edge of the dome contact smoothly and increase the stroke, as well as to overcome the frictional resistance of the bottom edge to the substrate during metal dome operation and to facilitate scheduling, three equal parts are often punched on the edges of circular and triangular metal domes. The support points rush into arcs at the four legs of the cross-shaped dome.

What are the applications of metal domes?

Metal domes are mainly used in membrane switches of rigid boards such as printed circuit boards, giving full play to the three major characteristics of the dome: conduction, rebound, and feel.

The application of metal domes in flexible membrane switches is mainly to provide tactile feedback. In flexible circuit boards, the movement of the metal dome often exceeds the horizontal plane of its bottom. If too much force is used, the dome will deform in the opposite direction and be difficult to recover.

dome array

It has good insulation and heat resistance, high mechanical strength, transparency and air tightness, especially bending resistance and high elasticity. It is an ideal material for making membrane switch circuits.

In terms of practical applications, metal domes can be found in all walks of life. In consumer electronics, they are widely used in membrane switches and touch panels to provide users with tactile feedback while ensuring reliable conduction of current; in industrial fields such as automobiles and machine tools, metal domes serve as balancing devices or electrical contact elements. important role; in medical device manufacturing, its precision and stability are decisive for achieving precise control and safe operation.

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How do metal buttons trigger functions during use?

Metal buttons are an indispensable part of electronic device switches. Their triggering mechanism and multi-functional design play an important role in optimizing user experience. So do you understand how metal buttons trigger the mechanism during use? Below I will give you an in-depth introduction to give you an in-depth understanding of the metal keys and the metal dome built into them.

1. Metal button trigger mechanism

Different triggering mechanisms directly affect the sensitivity, lifespan and tactile feel of metal key switches. By pressing down on the button, the through hole is connected to the bottom contact to achieve electrical connection. Perforated metal mechanisms are generally more durable and are suitable for push button switches in industrial control equipment and automobiles. The metal dome is used in the button as the main part for transmitting instructions. The metal dome trigger mechanism uses the elasticity of the metal dome to trigger the switch action. It has good touch and trigger force control and is suitable for high-end consumer electronics products such as laptops and smartphones. Trigger mechanisms have their own unique advantages and limitations. Product designers need to choose the appropriate mechanism based on the product’s positioning and expected user experience.

metal dome

2. Multi-function button design:

The multi-functional design of the metal buttons is to achieve more operations within limited controls, thereby improving the user’s operating efficiency and convenience. Here are a few common multifunctional designs:

Single-click, double-click and long-press functions: Metal buttons can achieve different functions through different pressing methods, such as single-click for basic operations, double-click for quick switching, and long-press for further settings or control.

metal key switch

Case Demonstration: For example, in smart watch design, metal buttons can use metal dome triggering mechanism to achieve multi-functional design through different pressing methods. Click the button to wake up the screen, double-click to quickly enter the application, and press and hold to call out the voice assistant. At the same time, the watch’s rotating metal buttons can be used to scroll through information, rotate to adjust the volume, etc. Through this design, users can implement rich functions within a limited operation interface, improving user convenience.

The metal dome can be said to be one of the core components of an important hub in electronic product buttons. It controls the power on and off of the switch, and the main function of the switch is to disconnect and pass the overcurrent. In the early days of metal domes, before there were touch switches, this metal dome was used to control the passage and disconnection of the current of the entire switch. Without this dome, the entire switch would be an empty shell, and all the functions it wants to implement would be unusable.

The triggering mechanism and multi-functional design of metal key switches play an important role in product development and directly affect user experience and product differentiation. Understanding different triggering mechanisms and approaches to multifunctional design can help product designers better select applicable technologies and create more innovative and user-friendly products. By combining different triggering methods and function combinations, Best Technology’s design of metal key switches can achieve more operations, enhance user experience, and create more competitive products.

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What Is the Purpose of the Metal Dome in the Remote Control?

With the continuous advancement of technology and consumers’ increasing demand for product experience, the remote control manufacturing industry has also ushered in new technological innovations. Common internal metal domes in remote controls include round metal dome,Four leg series metal dome,triangular metal dome and oblong metal dome. The introduction of metal dome technology has become a major highlight, which not only improves the durability of the product, but also optimizes the user’s control experience.

The circular metal dome of the tact switch is the shortest of all dome shapes, and it is also the most commonly used metal dome inside the tact switch. It not only has a great advantage in stroke, but also has good feel. No weaker than a metal dome of any shape. Below I will give you a detailed introduction to the application, advantages and industry of metal domes in remote controls.

metal dome3

Application of metal dome in remote control

The metal dome plays a vital role inside the remote control. The internal metal dome can obtain different operating feel by applying different operating strengths in the product. They are usually made of highly elastic materials such as stainless steel and are embedded under the remote control buttons in an ultra-thin and compact form. When the user presses the button, the metal dome elastically deforms, instantly closing the circuit and enabling signal transmission. Therefore, in applications, the metal dome can be used to control the current flow and disconnection of the entire switch. Therefore, the service life of the metal dome is very important. It has been measured that under normal circumstances, the metal dome can be pressed and rebounded five million times.

dome array

The significance and advantages of installing a metal dome

Mounting a metal dome remote has multiple advantages. First of all, the structural design of the metal dome ensures clear and powerful tactile feedback for the keys, improving user comfort and accuracy. Secondly, due to the durability and high stability of the metal dome, it can maintain good performance even after long-term heavy pressing, significantly extending the service life of the remote control. In addition, the compact structure of the metal dome contributes to the overall thin and light design of the remote control, which meets modern aesthetics and portability requirements.

dome array

The important role of metal domes in the development of the remote control industry

With the popularity of high-tech products such as smart remote controls and Internet of Things devices, the application of metal dome technology has become increasingly critical. A metal dome is installed in the remote control. The metal dome is attached to the PCB board to form a closed circuit. A silicone shell is attached to the outside to form a membrane switch. In the new remote control design, the metal dome not only ensures basic button functions, but also enables more complex interactive operations, such as touch sensing, pressure sensing and other advanced functions, further improving the intelligence level of the product.

Generally speaking, the application of metal domes in remote controls has become an indispensable part of remote controls, and metal domes continue to play a role in remote controls. The use of Best Technology metal dome technology aims to provide consumers with a better, more reliable and more advanced control experience, and also reflects the entire industry’s high focus on technological innovation and user experience.

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Strength Changes of Metal Domes After Long-Term Use

The dome, also known as the metal dome or metal button, is the key component responsible for triggering the signal in the membrane switch. In the daily use of the membrane switch, the force retention of the dome has a significant impact on its performance stability and service life. Influence. So, when the dome in the membrane switch is used for a long time, how will its strength change? This article will start from the structural characteristics of dome, explore its force change pattern after long-term use, and take this opportunity to further elaborate on the significant advantages of membrane switches in terms of durability.

The dome is made of high-quality stainless steel, and its internal structure is designed with a certain amount of elastic space to ensure that it can be quickly reset after each press. Under normal use conditions, the dome can theoretically withstand more than millions of presses. However, the strength of any physical component will inevitably change to a certain extent under long-term repeated loading.

First of all, regarding the strength change of domes after long-term use, according to research, the strength attenuation of a carefully designed and manufactured dome is relatively small under the premise of ensuring a certain service life. The high-quality dome has undergone strict material selection and precision processing to ensure its fatigue strength and elastic recovery capability. Even after long-term high-frequency use, the force attenuation remains within the acceptable range and does not affect the normal operation of the switch.

Secondly, the advantages of membrane switches lie in their structural design and material selection. On the one hand, the multi-layer structure design of the membrane switch effectively disperses the pressing pressure and reduces the pressure load of a single dome, thus delaying the process of strength decline. On the other hand, the stainless steel material used has excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Coupled with reasonable plating technology, it can reduce friction loss and maintain the long-lasting elasticity of the dome.

Furthermore, many membrane switch manufacturers will take into account the changes in strength of the dome during long-term use during the design stage. By optimizing design parameters, such as reasonably setting the elastic curve, shape and size of the dome, and improving the production process, they can ensure the membrane switch to the greatest extent. It can still maintain stable triggering force after long-term use.

Best Technology specializes in the production of metal domes, dome arrays, polydome and other products. Our products are widely used in various key switches, including mobile phones, membrane switches, digital electronics, household appliances, GPS systems, medical equipment and other electronic and electrical products.

Although dome strength will inevitably decrease slightly after long-term use in membrane switches, through careful design, high-quality materials and advanced technology, membrane switches have shown significant advantages in durability. After research by Best Technology, the metal dome can not only withstand a large number of pressing operations for a long time, but also ensure stable triggering force during normal use throughout the life cycle, thus ensuring the efficient and stable operation of the membrane switch in various applications. This is one of the reasons why Best Technology’s metal domes are widely used in many electronic devices.

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Explore the Knowledge and Applications of Metal Domes

Metal dome is a common electronic mechanical component that is elastic and widely used in many fields. It plays an important role both in mechanical manufacturing and electronic equipment. Below we will delve into its key knowledge and applications. We will start from the structure, material, manufacturing process and application fields, so that everyone can better understand and apply this important metal component.

Structure and type

Metal domes have resilience and bending capabilities, usually in the shape of sheets or strips, and are used for various mechanical keys, switches, shock absorption and other functions. Metal domes can be divided into various types according to different shapes and uses, such as:

1. Rectangular dome: rectangular or square, often used to connect and fix components, and has good load-bearing capacity.

2. Circular dome: ring-shaped or circular, suitable for connection, fixing and damping scenarios.

3. Oval dome: curved shape, usually used to bear local loads or adjust assembly gaps.

Materials and properties

The material of the metal dome is usually made of highly elastic metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, etc. These materials have excellent elasticity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other properties, allowing the dome to maintain its functionality in various harsh environments.

Main features

1. Load bearing capacity: Domes of different sizes and materials have different load bearing capacities, and appropriate specifications can be selected according to needs.

2. Corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant: When suitable materials are selected, the dome can resist corrosion and wear and maintain a long service life.

3. Elastic recovery: The dome can quickly return to its original shape after being stressed, maintaining its elasticity and bending ability.

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process for metal domes typically includes the following steps:

1. Material selection: Choose appropriate materials, usually metal materials, such as stainless steel or carbon steel.

2. Stamping: Use equipment such as a punch machine to stamp the metal sheet to obtain the required dome shape.

3. Bending and bending: The stamped metal sheet is bent and bent to form the specific shape of the dome.

4. Heat treatment: In some cases, the dome needs to be heat treated to improve its elasticity and durability.

5. Surface treatment: Surface treatment of the dome, such as galvanizing, nickel plating, etc., to improve corrosion resistance.

How to buy the right metal dome?

1. Material selection: Select the appropriate material according to the application environment of the product to ensure that the metal dome has sufficient feel and corrosion resistance.

2. Specifications and sizes: Choose appropriate specifications and sizes according to actual needs, as well as the shape of the metal dome, to ensure that the dome can function normally in use.

3. Performance test: Before mass production, samples need to be tested for performance to ensure the quality of the dome.

Best Technology has rich design and production experience and a professional design team that can design metal domes according to customer needs. At the same time, it can conduct manufacturability analysis of the product through DFM to make the metal dome perfectly fit your product. Come in for a consultation!

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Introduction to the Parameters of Domes in Membrane Switch

The metal dome is the only metal component in the membrane switch and is widely used. Under the current circumstances, many products use metal domes in a confusing manner, especially in flexible circuits. They are only used as a component to provide tactile feedback, which causes many drawbacks to the performance of the membrane switch and even causes the membrane switch to lose its due effect.

Best Technology introduces the characteristics, specifications, functions, selections and common problems of metal domes one by one for your reference, so as to better utilize the role of metal domes and improve the reliability of membrane switches.

1. Characteristics of metal dome

Metal domes are usually made of 301 or 304 stainless steel. For mylar, we have the thickness of 0.05mm and 0.075mm (both are with adhesive). And the mylar with the thickness of 0.05mm is the most commonly used. In addition, we can also produce some metal domes with special thickness according to customer requirements. The main parameters of metal domes are as follows:

Lifespan: 4 to 5 million times

Contact Bounce (on) : <.3ms

Contact Bounce (off) : <6ms

Voltage/Current Maximum: 12 ma @ 24 volts DC, RL

Contact Resistance:<100 ohms

2. The function of metal dome

  • Use the conductivity of metal to connect the two-pole contacts of the switch.
  • End the rebound of the metal dome and provide tactile feedback to the operator

3. Common types and specifications of metal domes

First of all, according to the shape, there are round, triangular, oval and four-legged metal domes. In order to make the bottom edge of the metal dome contact smoothly and increase the stroke, as well as overcome the frictional resistance of the bottom edge to the substrate when the dome moves and facilitate scheduling, corresponding support dots are punched on the edges of metal domes of different shapes. . At the same time, the domes are classified according to their external dimensions, operating strength, stroke height, etc. So there are many types of metal domes. Best Technology customizes different metal dome shapes and specifications according to different product application requirements.

4. Application of metal domes

Metal domes are mainly used in PCBs and membrane switches containing circuit boards. In membrane switches, the three major characteristics of metal domes are conduction, rebound, and touch. It can be mainly used in consumer products such as electronic keyboards, remote control switches, POS machines, etc., as well as mechanical products such as factory machine consoles and some key switches.

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Metal Dome Buttons Are Used in Mechanical Products

Metal dome buttons have a very wide range of applications, second only to touch key switches. They are widely used in mechanical appliances such as large machine tools or daily electronic products. Because the metal dome of the metal push button switch is very corrosion-resistant and dust-proof and waterproof, and the dome array and internal metal dome structure result in a long service life. The main supporting fields of illuminated metal button switches are electronic control equipment, lifting equipment, heavy machine tool equipment, power electronic equipment, transportation vehicles, aerospace, ships, household appliances, etc.

The metal dome button is a switch that conducts a small current when pressed. It can be used as an operating signal input switch for various electronic devices. The metal dome button conducts a circuit by pressing it. It opens and closes the internal contact points by applying a small force on its external contact surface.

Such contact points are usually made of metal materials and have high durability and reliability. The metal dome button is turned on and off by pressing the metal dome. It has the characteristics of simple structure, compact size, flexible operation, stable and reliable performance.

Metal dome buttons are usually composed of PET outer layer, dome, contacts and other parts. The PET outer layer fixes the position of the metal dome, which is installed on the machine and can be assembled with the PCB to form a membrane switch device. 3M glue is used to combine the dome array with the PCB and can be installed directly in the machine. The contact is the core component that realizes the switch function. It usually consists of two metal sheets, one of which is a fixed contact and the other is a moving contact.

When the switch button is pressed, the dome is deformed by external force and contacts the circuit board downwards, causing the two sets of pins of the switch to be connected, thus making the circuit conductive. When the switch button is released, the spring piece returns to its original shape and breaks contact with the circuit board, causing the circuit to be in a cut-off state. This kind of tactile switch has a good feel. When you press the button to a certain extent, there will be a ticking sound, and you can feel the clear operating touch.

The biggest feature of the metal dome button is that it uses very small pressing force and generates tactile feedback, so that the user can feel the pressing effect, and the switch function can be realized by pressing the button. In addition, tact switches also have the characteristics of stability and long life. Best Technology has more than ten years of production experience in the production of metal domes, dome arrays, and membrane switches. If your product has requirements for metal dome buttons and dome array, you can directly contact us salesperson for enquiry.

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