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When is International Labour Day in 2024 and What are the Significances of It?

International Labour Day, also known as May Day or International Worker’s Day, is observed on May 1st each year, serving as a global celebration of labor and the working classes. It will be in Wednesday in 2024. What is the … Continue reading

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Does metal dome installation have anything to do with specs?

Regarding the installation and welding of metal domes The installation of metal domes has always been one of the issues that customers are more concerned about. Many customers will ask about the installation of the triangular metal dome before purchasing … Continue reading

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Metal Dome Design and Application Trends

The metal dome is the only metal component in the membrane switch. With technological advancement and changes in market demand, the metal dome, as an indispensable key component, is becoming more and more important in various types of electronic equipment … Continue reading

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How do metal buttons trigger functions during use?

Metal buttons are an indispensable part of electronic device switches. Their triggering mechanism and multi-functional design play an important role in optimizing user experience. So do you understand how metal buttons trigger the mechanism during use? Below I will give … Continue reading

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