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     Polyester dome will be placed above the PAD of PCB, FPC, or other circuit board, when polydome was pressed, the center point of dome switch will be pressed down toward to PAD of circuit board, and then silver ink under the dome will be connected the circuit on the board, thereby closing the circuit by forming an electronical loop and then the entire product can work normally. See bellowing diagram.

Polydome working diagram 
(Polydome working diagram)
If you use polydome with rubber glue, or with glue on bottom, then the assembly method is most the same like metal dome array. See our blog: how to assemble metal dome array on PCB.

Polyester dome (Polydome) Usage Notice

After knowing how polyester dome works, and comparing between polydome and metal dome, please make sure to avoid following action to avoid any potential damage for polyester dome.
1. Do not use it in high temperature environment (>40℃) for a long time, otherwise poly dome will lose elasticity.
2. Do not use it in very low temperature environment (<-25℃) for a long time, or the service life of domes will be affected.
3. Do not use it outdoor for a longtime.
4. Do not press the dome by sharp or hard objects.

Please contact us today if you want to know more about how polyester dome working, or any questions about Polydome.