When design which type of dome switch should to be used, the following information will be helpful, as it explained the advantage of polyester dome (Polydome) and disadvantage of polydome, while comparing with conductive silicon key and metal dome array

       Why Use Polyester Dome (Polydome)

Polyester dome Advantages (comparing with conductive silicon key):

       High Reliability
       Longer life
       Better clicking feeling
       Design Flexibility: trip force and travel (stroke) can be adjusted according to customers’ requirement.
       Easier assembly

Polyester dome Advantages (comparing with metal dome array):

       Recover easily after bending and does not affect the function
       Lower material cost than metal dome
       Larger adjustment range for tripe force and travel/stroke for same diameter dome
       Suitable for products requiring small buttons and lighter pressure
       Will not damage the PAD of circuits, and even more can protect the board circuit, and extend the service life range of product
       Easier assembly
       Excellent stability to pressure

polydome vs metal dome array top 
           (top view of polydome)                         (top view of metal dome array)

Polyester dome Disadvantages (comparing with metal dome array):

       It has poor fatigue resistance and is easily damaged by repeated operations.
       Less range of trip force, travel/stroke
       Lower working voltage/current
       Higher contact resistance
       Only smaller size is available
       Less life cycles: metal dome >= 1 Million times
       Fixing performance: It needs to be fixed on product by screws.
       No so good click feeling
       Higher setting up fee, need tooling even for samples making

       It does not have the ability to fix itself and needs to be fixed on the product by screws, registration pillar of keypad/PCB, or add additional glue layer on top or bottom layer.

           (bottom view of polydome)                       (bottom view of metal dome array)

       Click to see more comparing between Polyester dome and metal dome, switches Polydome-VS-metal-dome, to see the difference between two types of dome switch.

       Different application, different purpose, different type of dome will be used. Please contact us today if you want to know more details of advantage of polyester dome (Polydome)