What performance should we learn about metal domes?

Do you know what is the force, rebound force and click ratio means in metal dome product?
Those are some basic performance we should know if you are going to buy metal dome, hereby we will tell you.

CP means compression peak force, we usually use it to define the operation force of metal dome, Its means the biggest force you pressed on the snap dome and make dome from a short opening status to the conductive status. CL means the compression low force, we also call it as rebound force. Its means the biggest force when the dome back from conductive status to opening status. Generally people use G(gram )or N (Newton force) to define all kinds force concepts. Please also refer to our blog how to test the life of metal dome .

Curve machine for force testing

And click ratio, someone also name it click feeling (CC) has a equation to define: CC(%)=(CP-CL)/CP*100%, this CC result(click ratio) is commonly required at 35%~6o%, if the click ratio is too high then it will affect the life cycle of metal dome. Briefly, you can also refer to the below chart to understand these concepts.

Fore test report for example
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