What are the Main Applications of Different Metal Domes?

We all know that there are four types of tactile metal domes, including four-leg, circle, triangle and oblong. And these domes play different roles in various fields, even some of them can be substitute for each other. However, they virtually have their main application fields, which is more or less an unwritten rule.

Four-leg Metal Dome

In terms of structure, the height of four-leg domes is often higher than that of three other domes, hence the click feeling is also better. And four-leg domes are now mainly concentrated on the relatively large ones ranging from 5 mm to 20 mm, which is one of its advantages. With greater click feeling and longer life, this kind of snap dome is also called membrane switch dome, for which is most commonly used in membrane switch.

Four-leg Dome Sheet

Circle Metal Dome

Contrary to four-leg snap dome, circle metal dome, or round dome, focuses on the relatively small ones like 2.5 mm-5 mm. Thus, when there is only a small space on the PCB, the circle snap dome is the best option. And because most of the domes used in the phone are round dome, it is also named mobile phone dome.

Round Domes on FPC

Triangle Metal Dome

The advantage of triangle snap dome is that it can get the maximum force under the same diameter in comparison with other domes, which means it needs to be pressed hard to be conductive, so as to avoid misoperation especially in industrial control. Therefore, triangle dome metal is extremely suitable for industrial controls, like control panel.

Triangle Domes on PCB

Oblong Metal Dome

Oblong dome is seldom used. Because of its shape, oblong dome metal, also called rectangle snap dome, can be used in a long and narrow space compared with other three domes. And it is mainly used to be mounted on printed circuit boards, and other products such as membranes, panels, and so forth.

In a word, although it is not stipulated that only one of these snap domes can be used in a field, which indicates that they may be alternatives for each other in accordance with the specific uses and requirements, they generally still have their main application fields. And we, Best Technology, are an experienced electronic company so that if you would like to know more about metal domes or snap domes, you are welcome to contact us.

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