What makes metal domes sound crispy when pressing?

For some metal domes, they sounds crispy when pressing them, while others not. Then what plays the role during the process? Now let me introduce it to you.

metal domes
metal domes

Virtually, there is a calculation method, which is, using the value after trip force minus rebound force to divide the trip force, then we will get the hand feeling percent of metal domes. The hand feeling percent value is generally 50%(Ā±15%). The larger the percent, the louder the sound and vice versa. However, the hand feeling percent can not surpass 70%, as a general rule. This is because, the rebound force will get less if the hand feeling percent is too large. It is easy to make metal domes concave if pressing for a long time.

At Best Technology, customers can order metal domes with different hand feeling percent, according to the different applications of products.

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