The Quality Inspection of the Metal Dome

Metal dome is an important part used for membrane switch, micro switch, printed circuit boards and so on. It plays a role of conducting the electricity. Thus, it is essential to ensure the quality of the domes.

Metal Domes

But what should be paid heed to when the IQC department detects the quality of the metal domes? Here are five points.

  • Appearance: to check whether there is dust, oil stain, or spot on it.
  • Burr: it can be checked by using the A4 paper to rub the edge of the dome.
  • Force test: to test the force by force tester, and the normal range of the force is ±30%.
  • Contact resistance test: the contact resistance of the stainless steel metal dome is less than 10 Ohm, while the contact resistance of the metal dome plated with nickel, silver and gold is less than 1 Ohm.
  • Lifetime: to test whether the snap dome is up to the mustard by the lifetime tester.

To sum up, in order to guarantee the quality of the metal dome, it is necessary to pay attention to these five points, including appearance, burr, force test, contact resistance test and lifetime.

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