How to test the life of metal dome?

We often receive this question from customer, what’s the life of this metal dome?
When we tell them answers, some customers will ask how do you test it? Hereby we will tell you.
But firstly, we should let you know, we don’t have a unified test method in the market, different manufacturer, different result.
1) Test probe: ofter use rubber probe & tungsten steel probe, diameter from 1.5mm to 3.0mm or more bigger.
2) Test force: We use two times of metal dome active force, but in Europe, they only use 1.1 times, so our method is more strict.
3) Test Frequency: 2-3 times per second (120 times -180 times per min).
Now are you clear?
Best Technology Co., Ltd is the leading manufacture of metal dome & dome array for more than ten year, please feel free to contact us for the more informations.

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