The difference of three kinds plating of metal dome

Some customers may not know how to choose the plating of metal dome for their product.,now I am gonna tell the defference of them.
Usually,we have three kinds plating: Nickel plating, Silver plating, and gold plating.
The material of metal dome(snap dome) is made from stainless steel.

As the customers’ requirements, we have the three types plating for metal domes: Nickel, Silver, and gold plating. these three types are plating in the contact surface(we also have the double sided plating). Its main function is to reduce the contact resistance, and increase the conduction. The contact resistance: Gold plating?Silver plating ?Nickel plating. Although the plating can reduce the contact resistance, it also can increase the cost. Especially the cost of gold plating will increase several times.
Generally speaking, the resistance of our stainless steel is less than 10 ohm, the Nickel plating is less than 1 ohm. If you haven’t the special requirements for the resistance, we recommend you to use the stainless steel metal dome. Last, what the kind of product you would like to use is based on your product’s required. So it depends on your requirements.

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