Can metal dome array bear high temperature oven?

Can metal dome array bear high temperature oven? The answer is no.

Why do some customers have this requirement? That is because they need to assemble metal dome array(dome sheet) before welding, it would need bear over a high-temperature(over 200 degrees). However, the maximum temperature of the metal dome array material can bear is 125 degrees. So the material will be melt after high-temperature oven, this is certainly unacceptable.

If this requirement must be obeyed, we can change to use one material which can bear high-temperature. However, the difficulty and cost of this kind of material will get much higher than normal one. Therefore, it is recommended that we can assemble dome array(dome sheet) after welding, this is a very reasonable and convenient way.

If you have any doubts and you have a better way, please contact us.

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