What’s the differences between SUS301 and SUS304

Some customers always ask the differences of SUS301 and SUS304, they will ask the raw material of our metal domes, why you don’t use SUS304? Can you use SUS304 to make this metal dome?

Today I conclude these questions, please see below article. Best Technology specialize in manufacture metal domes for a long time, a little understanding of the properties of these materials, so list the differences between SUS301 and SUS304.

Both are belong to Martensitic stainless steel, but has slightly different, The main is that the content of Cr and other elements is different, so the performance is different. Now the material that to use produce metal domes, mainly use SUS301 in the domestic, however more use SUS304 in HongKong, and use both in aboard. everyone will choose the most suitable for the factory processing technology, the ability of the material, the use of different technologies, so that it will achieve the desired best effect: life, click feeling, etc.

SUS304 (stainless steel): it is the most widely used stainless steel. Because it contains Ni, it is more corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant than Cr steel, and has low-temperature strength, so its mechanical properties are very good, and its work hardening is very large. It is not hardened after heating treatment, non-magnetic, with good strength and less elasticity. It is often used with a thickness of 0.4t ~ 1.0T.

SUS301 (stainless steel): Cr (chromium) composition is lower than SUS304, corrosion resistance is poor, but cold working can get a very high degree of tension and hardness, its characteristics are widely used, because of the good elasticity, so at present, notebook is widely used in anti EMI, as the elastic contact part, but often used in thickness 0.4T ~ 0.07T.

SUS301 stainless steel
SUS301 stainless steel

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