Mid Autumn Festival & National Day in 2013

Hello Everybody,

Time flying so fast! The day after tomorrow (Sep 19th) will see Mid-Autumn Festival in our country. On that day, we will have dinner together with family, relatives, friends, and eat the Moon-Cake under the open sky. So this day also named “Moon-Cake Festival” in China.

Because of export & import limitation, we cannot share the delicious Moon-cake with you, my friends, so we’re invited you come to visit us next year before that holiday (Sep 9, 2014) so that we can enjoy the joyful time together.

To celebrate that holiday, we will close from Sep 19th to Sep 22nd and resume on Sep 23rd.

At the same time, we will close for National Day from Oct 1st to 5th and resume on Oct 6th.

Because of many holiday recently, so for some orders, the lead time maybe be postponed 2-5 days, and here are estimated days will be postponed:

(metal dome: 2-3 Days;

metal dome array: 3-5 Days;

Special Dome array: 3-5 Days;

SMD Dome Switch: 1-2 Days

Always thanks for support from our customers and suppliers. And wish everybody have a wonderful holiday too.

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