Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day

One of the longest holiday in China will come in soon.

According to Chinese Lunar Calendar, Sep 30 will be Mid-Autumn Festival (also name the Moon Festival, on the 15th day of 8th lunar month). On that day, family member, friends will be spent the time together, eating the Moon-cake, enjoy the beautiful night with the snow-white Moon in the sky.

And Oct 1st is our National day, to celebrate the birthday of our motherland, P.R of China. All the people will have 3 days off work.

Here are our holiday arrangement:

Closed: Sep 29th – Oct 3: ┬áneither samples or volume production will be ceased;

Open: Oct 4 (Thursday): resume the work

And Oct 6th-7th will be our normal weekend, only work half day on Saturday.

Lead time before holiday and one week after holiday will be longer (normal 3-5 days) than normal because of busy production line.

Hope everybody in the company can enjoy that holiday and have a joyful time.


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