Celebrate the 57th China National Day

57th China National day

The day after tomorrow is 1st October, the China National Day, it’ll be China 57th anniversary! As a tradition, tens of thousands of people will be garthered in Tiananmen Square, watching the grand national flag raising ceremony on National Day. Most of people will enjoy the happiness of that special festival.Happy birthday, China! Long live motherland !

In order to celebrate that special day, we’ll be have a short vacation from Oct 1st to 4th. During that period, if you have any thing urgently, feel free to contact us at 86-769-22057373!

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3 Responses to Celebrate the 57th China National Day

  1. kenshin says:

    Happy birthday, China! hoho~~

  2. Peter says:

    Yeah! Our motherland will be more strong, prosperous and live-friendly!

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