Metal Dome Array Color

There’s color for every thing: Red, Green, Blue and etc. So it is the same for our metal dome array. Currently there’re two basic colors:

1) White

2)   Transparent (Clear)

Of course, there’re other colors, if you print the silver ink (EMI), or choose rubber dome array, Light Guide Film (LGF), etc. But in this article, we only discuss above two basic colors. Others we will discuss in future.

Here are pictures showing them.

White metal dome array

white double layer dome array

Transparent metal dome array

Transparent four-legs dome array

Maybe you have following questions. In fact, they’re the most common question customer asked us:

A)     Why color different

B)      How to choose the suitable color of metal dome array

In order to answer this question, let me look back the structure of our metal dome array. You can see this blog “The whole thickness of our metal dome arrays” for more details.


As you can see, there’re two basic structures: Single layer and double layer, but both of them has the same Mylar layer. And the color of this Mylar is the same as Transparent (Clear), so to color of whole dome array is depending upon the color of Spacer.

For Single layer dome array, because there’s no Space layer, so color is upon on Mylar;

For double layer dome array, if Spacer is white, then whole product looks white; and if it’s transparent, then whole dome array like clear.


I think this is easily to understand. Isn’t it? So let’s go ahead with question #B “How to choose the suitable color of metal dome array?

Here’re some basic principles:

—To choose White dome array, after assemble on PCB, you can not see anything from the PCB except where cutout on dome array, like below picture:

white dome array on pcb

So if you

a) Need to cover PCB and components on it; or

b) Need light cover or light reflect; or

c) Cosmetic requirements such as the keep environment harmonically; or

d) Other special requirements


—To choose Transparent (Clear) dome array, even assemble on PCB, you can still see the PCB, so if you

a) Want a see PCB in assembly process to adjust dome array location, for a easily consignment; or

b) No requirements to cover PCB and components on it; or

c) No light cover request

d) Other special requirements

Now I think everybody should be clear for color of metal dome array. Am I right? Leave a message or write email to us if you have comments, ideas, or question for dome array.

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