What's Metal Dome

Metal domes (metal snap domes, or tactile metal domes), made of stainless steel, are momentary switch contacts that, when used in conjunction with a printed circuit board, flex circuit, or membrane, become normally-open tactile switches. According to different shape, we divided them into:


Also there're various types of packing for different metal domes, make sure you choose the suitable metal dome packing before ordering

Quality Control

We are committed to quality of metal dome & dome array, and the achievement of excellence throughout all activities. We monitor each step from raw material IQC, product production, final packing, our QC will check during whole process to guarantee each piece metal dome and array is of high quality
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What's Metal Dome Array

A metal dome array & dome sheet (dome array) is a kind of double sided adhesive PET array (sheet) that carries metal dome as contact switch. It is easy peeled off from release liner and place on circuit board, so it also named as "peel & place dome array.
We divided them based on structure into following types:

Single layer                            Double layer                               Rubber Glue                           EMI printing                                Light Guide Film (LGF)                              

The metal dome array is the most cost effective solution for a simple switch with a superior tactile interface between equipment and user
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Company Profile

Best Technology Co., Ltd. was founded specifically to serve the membrane switch and related mechanical switch industries. We have made metal domes (metal snap domes), metal dome arrays (metal dome sheets) since 1999. As a professional metal dome and metal dome array vendor in China,

we have years of experience in this line, always can meet your requirements of metal dome, dome array, in various packing, always do our best.

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