Material Supply Delay Because of Japan Earthquake

Six days has past since the disastrous 9.0 Earthquake in Japan. Together with the Tsunami, it destroy most of building, road, airport, electronic supply, and the explode in nuclear power station aggravate the bad condition.

We express our deep sympathy to Japanese guy, and believe this condition will become better after everybody work together.

Currently we have good stock for raw material ((stainless steel, PET and silver ink for metal dome, metal dome array), and our factory for raw material  from Japan have not been affected,  but limited to whole country situation, the lead time will be longer than normal in next coming month. If whole economic cannot recover in a quick period, then the delay will be much longer.

So you have any orders, please release early and consider the potential delay of them. We are also worry about the cost of these raw material will increased and we will do our best to keep it in a same or similar price level.

Wish the bad day will past quickly and people happy and healthy everyday.

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