Large Metal Dome

Recently we saw some people search for large metal dome and ask me whether we can make 500mmx500mm metal dome, or even bigger, such as 1,000mmx1,000mm.

The answers are No, we don’t make metal dome in such big dimension. For four-leg series metal dome, Max one is Diameter 20mm; you can see from below pictures, it’s small.

20mm metal dome

For Oblong series metal dome, we can make is 50.8×12.7mm.

If you compare 20mm dome with a coin (50 cent, RMB) and you will find it is very small.

20mm metal dome VS coin

I am wondering maybe some people still confused metal dome and steel dome. I hope above words will enhance their understanding and solve some potential mistake.

Anyway, if someone really big, large metal dome, less than 50x50mm, which we treat it as custom metal dome, just write your purpose and sketch,  we can discuss to see the possibility to develop that new model for you, to meet customers’ requirements of various metal domes are what we working for.

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