Circle Metal Dome with Leg

Previous we have discuss how to assemble triangle metal dome, some people told me they also want a circle dome with a leg. But for most of circle (round) series metal dome, there’s no leg.

So when assemble with a circle metal dome dome, you need to put it on a printed circuit board, or a flex circuit, by a adhesive tape,  or put it in a socket.

For 1st method, you can use our “standard single key dome array“; for 2nd way, just buy dome in bulk. it’s easy, but if you also want to fix circle dome in the socket, then you will hope this circle dome with a leg. Am I right? Hooo, dream comes true. Here are some pictures for them.

Circle dome with leg details 1

circle dome with leg details 2

Currently, there’re few circle domes has leg, because this kind of requirement can be replaced by triangle dome. So now only Diameter 5mm is available in the market now. Force 160gf, 180gf  are standard, 130gf and 200gf also no problem to be made.

If  you need other legged circle metal dome, we can set up new tooling to make the special dome. Contact BEST if you interest in this circle metal dome with leg.

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