Why the Key of Metal Dome Is Invalid?

  1. The metal dome and PCB have poor contact when there are dirty things on the dimple of metal dome.

Solution: replacing a new metal dome; wiping the metal dome; using the metal dome that has lots of dimples in the center

  1. The goldfinger on PCB (printed circuit board)/FPC (flexible printed circuit) is oxidized then affect the contact between the board and the metal dome.

Solution: replacing a new PCB or FPC

  1. The shape of the metal domeis not matched with the shape of tabs on the PCB/FPC.

Solution: replacing the corresponding metal dome according to the shape of tabs on the PCB/FPC.

four leg metal dome

four leg metal dome

  1. The gap between metal dome and the key is too large.

Solution: changing another metal dome with suitable stroke according to the parameter of design.

  1. The gap between the keys is too small

Solution: increasing the height of metal dome or shorten the gap between the key and metal dome.

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