How to Assemble Metal Domes?

What should we do after collecting the metal domes? Please check the video below.

The video shows some steps of how to assemble metal domes. At first, we need to customize an assembly jig according to the products those customer needed. Then put the tube that has already collected metal domes in the corresponding hole of the jig. The adhesive PET film has been already positioned in the jig and the metal domes will pop out through the airflow from the bottom to the top when pressing the assembly equipment. At this moment, the metal domes will be pasted on the hole of the adhesive PET film. After that, the process of assembling metal domes is over. It is very easy, right?

By the way, if you would like to know further information about collecting metal doems, please click How to Collect the Metal Domes to the Tube?

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