How to Collect the Metal Domes to the Tube?

We often receive a question from the customers like this: “How to place the metal domes on the adhesive PET film?” General speaking, there are two methods to assemble the metal dome on the adhesive PET film, including half-auto assembly and full manual assembly. The half-auto assembly is applicable to the oblong metal dome or the circle metal dome with smaller diameter, such as diameter 4mm and 5mm. Because the half-auto assembly will be used to answer the question, the full manual assembly will not be explain in details. In order to show you the details about how to place the metal dome on the adhesive PET film, two videos have been prepared as following?

The first step is collecting metal domes. Please click the video below: How to collect the metal domes to the tube?

To begin with, the metal domes are needed to put in the collecting machine and the tube which is used to collect metal domes should be placed in the end of the conveyor belt. Then the metal domes move slowly on the conveyor belt and the direction of them also change slowly. All of metal domes are in one direction and face up. Only in this way to ensure the metal domes are face up when they get into the tube. However, why the metal domes require to face up? Because the adhesive PET film is facing down during assembly, the right way to assemble is that the metal domes face up to the adhesive PET film. Meanwhile, at the next video you will know the second step about metal domes assembly, click here for more: How to Assemble the Metal Domes?


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