Fingerprint Inspection Method for Metal Dome

In the manufacturing process of metal dome, the metal dome will be inevitably touched by fingers. The fingerprint and grease left will accelerate oxidation of metal dome and reduce its life. Then the quality of the metal dome getting lower is followed. Therefore, the quality inspection of the metal dome is one of the important parts to enhance the product competition.

Nowadays, the visual inspection is used by a majority companies, but it is inefficient and easy to misjudge. In order to improve the production efficiency, so a sort of method based on machine vision for fingerprint inspection of metal dome was proposed.

The method uses Generalized Hough Transform to locate the target, extracting the Gray-level Co-occurrence Matrix of targets and supporting Vector Machine classification, which realizes the automatic inspection of the quality of the metal dome. Most of the experimental results show that the method has achieved good effect and got practical and promotional value in a certain.

Since established in 2006, Best Technology always tries its best to use the most advanced technology to inspect the metal dome, to be customers’ best partners of metal dome and metal dome array with high quality.

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