Why the Metal Dome Inside the Touch Switch Is No Function?

A lot of problems will come across when we use the touch switch. Why the metal dome inside the touch switch cannot be pressed?The truth is the touch switch no function. There are many reasons to be think about why it is no function.

To begin with, life is the first one that cause the metal dome cannot be pressed. At this moment, Best Technology recommends putting the metal dome to the life testing equipment and analyze whether the life of metal dome has already reached the working life.

Secondly, operating the metal dome in a wrong way will also cause it no function. Generally speaking, visualization is able to judge whether the metal dome can be pressed. Because the original shape of the metal dome is convex. If the shape of the metal dome is concave, it indicates that the metal dome cannot be pressed.

Finally, even though the metal dome can be pressed but it still has no function. It means that the touch switch is not conductive. There are several reasons for this. On one hand, the legs of the touch switch were oxidized or damaged. On the other hand, the metal dome inside the touch switch was oxidized, too. so that the outer oxide layer would prevent conductivity.

touch switch with four legs

touch switch with four legs

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