We succeeded to develop the new one million life 10mm four-leg metal domes lately.

There is a very imprtant & good news for all of us. Following up with the development of the one million life times 6mm, 8.4mm, 12.2mm four-leg metal domes/snap domes by Our R & D staff, we have won our customers further trust by the quality, price and service. Including some very famous brand, such as: Emerson, Honeywell, Sigmatron, Dyson etc..  They continue their efforts, follow with the need of marketing, & developed the 10mm cross shape metal domes with one million life times lately.

The specifications of this type are similar to foreign famous brand, such Snaptron, Nicomatic, but the price is lower 50% than theirs. We have the 220gf, 280gf, 350gf for this type, with or without dimple & Stainless Steel or Nickel Plating are available.

10mm diameter metal dome

It is almost the blank state for this type with one million life times in China mainland marketing. Our lunch of this type will fill in this blank state, & further improve our four-leg shape metal domes series.

Our company has the diameter from 6mm to 20mm four-leg shape metal domes now. You can find all of your required from here. It also consolidate our company is the leader manufacturer of metal domes & metal dome arrays in China mainland.

10mm diameter metal dome

If you have further queries, please do feel free to contact Best Technology. Thank you.

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