How to Measure Parameters of Metal Dome – Four-Legs Series

Not everybogy knows everything, so does the purchasing of metal domes. I have got many enquiries about metal domes, but necessary information was missed, so I need to ask for that. The top quesionts which I asked for are as follows:

1) Shape
Of course we need to know the shape of metal domes. It’s the initial step to decide what kind of metal dome is. Right now, we have four basic shapes, namely: Circle, Four-Legs(Cross), Triangle and Oblong. For more, please check: Metal Domes (

2) Diameter
The diameter decide the size of metal domes. But the measure point of different metal dome is different, that is the starting point and the ending point is different. Today, I will discuss majorly about Four-Legs(Cross)series.

Firstly, look at following picture showing the metal domes with different diameters.


Then let me check how to measure the diameter of F series metal dome, using a vernier caliper.

Diameter Measurement

Now, you can check the figure is 12.2mm, and this means the diameter of that dome is 12.2mm. Yeah, absolutely right. Let’s exlain it by CAD Drawing. It’ll be more helpful for you to understand that.


Does it make a sense now?

3) Height and travel of metal dome

You will note from the above picture that how to measure the height and travel of metal dome. In fact, we have discussed this issue before. You can browse this article to get more parameters of metal dome: Metal Dome Technology and Parameters:

I hope you’ll understand what you will need after view the above. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

In next article, we will talk about how to measure other metal domes with different shape.

(to be continue…)

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2 Responses to How to Measure Parameters of Metal Dome – Four-Legs Series

  1. Jamie says:

    Why some of the metal domes, I have dimple on the underside of the dome, and some don’t?
    Also, some domes have more than one dimple on the dome, eg, 3 ,4 and even 5 ? what is the different in them.



  2. Peter says:

    Hi Jason,

    some dome will have side dimple, some don’t have.

    3, 4 or 5 dimple in center will have better dust-proof function, so better for contacting.

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