How To Order Metal Domes From BEST

As the business growing, more and more people around the world know “BEST” and interested in our Metal Dome and Metal Dome Array and they want to purchase. But as the there’re different ways of sales methods, someone maybe confused and didn’t know how to buy. They will ask some questions such as:

1)”Do you have a distributor in our country?”

2) “Can I buy it directly from you?”

3) “Can I use my Credit Card to pay?””

4) If I want to place an order with us, how can I do that?”

and so on…

My Friend, in our FAQ or our blog, we have√ā¬†mentioned√ā¬†these questions.

1) “Do you have a distributor in our country?”

For question of distributor, we don’t use it, ¬†because it’ll be more convenient and fast for you to buy directly from us. Click FAQ for more about this.

2) “Can I buy it directly from you?”

Of course you can. Buy directly from us will be√ā¬†better.

3) “Can I use my Credit Card to pay?”

Yes. Please browse this article in our blog for more: “New Payment for Small Charge:”Credit Card and Paypal

4) “If I want to place an order with us, how can I do that?”

Here, I would like to talk about the question 4. This time, we just say somethings about Metal Dome√ā¬†and next time, Metal Dome Array.

There’re basic steps to buy Metal Dome√ā¬†from us, if it’s the firstly time you purchase from “BEST

1) Confirm what you need.
Please advice us the detailed parameters, such as force requirement, with dimple or not, surface treatment, Natural or Nickel plated? With EMI (ESD) or not?√ā¬†As well as your√ā¬†other requirement, such as quantity,√ā¬†expected lead time, etc.
You can browse these articles:

Metal Dome Technology and Parameters
How to Measure the Parameters of Metal Domes

You can just browe the category to learn more.

Didn’t know the above figure? No problem! Please contact us, we will choose the suitable one for you.

2) We quote you the price after everything is confirmed

3) You send us the PO

For PO, you can send it via Fax or via Email.

4) We send you a Proforma Invoice and you made the payment
You can chose the most suitable payment method, T/T (Telex Transfer) or Credit Card.

5) After receiving the payment, we send us the goods and advice the tracking informatin. Normally we ship goods via carriers such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.

6) You receiving the goods and business settled down and waiting for your repeat-orders or new enquiries.

My Friend, I hope you already know to do now. Bright future is coming. We will provide high quality Metal Dome with best service to you.

Still have questions? Please don’t heistate to contact us. Just send out an email and we will do following things for you.

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