Metal Dome Activation Force Conversion

Thanks to the big Earth we live on, so we can see different culture around the world, so we can see different measure method on the same thing, so different results. When we discuss metal dome, people use various units, here are how to convert different unit of activation force of metal dome.

Ounces (OZ)     Grams Force (GF)      Newtons (N)

4.00                         114.00           1.11

6.00                       170.00             1.66

8.00                       227.00              2.22

10.00                     284.00             2.78

12.00                     340.00             3.33

14.00                     397.00            3.89

16.00                      454.00            4.44

18.00                       510.00           4.99

20.00                      567.00            5.54

You can also easy convert them by yourself.

1OZ=28.35 g

1GF  = 9.80665 Newton

In fact, OZ is the unit for weight, seemed no business relationship with activation force, but  you can easy treat them as the unit for force, if you’re know little physics.

And Gram force (GF), or KGF (Kilogram Force) has never become the unit of International System of Unit (SI), but it’s popular here in China and Europe.

In our company, the default unit for metal dome activation force we used is GF (Grams Force), but it’s no problem for customer to use other different unit to measure the force of metal dome.

Leave a message or write email to us if you’re interest or has comment for activation force of metal dome.

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