Tape & Reel Metal Dome – On Sales

After more than one year R&D, we are going to release our new Tape and Reel metal dome, a new packing method of metal dome which is suitable for automated SMT machine.

Each metal dome is sealed in a socket on a continued tape and packed on a reel, so it can be picked and place like normal components such as resistor, capitor, on SMT machine. Metal dome packed in this way named as “Tape & Reel Metal Dome” Also someone name it as “Pick & place metal dome”.

Tape & Reel metal dome

Please note even this metal dome is used in SMT machine, we don’t recommend to solder them like normal components.

Now we provide 8.4mm, 12.2mm  Four-leg metal dome in this packing. 5,000 pcs and 4,000 pcs each reel, respectively. We will give you some discount if you  order them in Sep and Oct. It’ll save a lot of your assembly time and money!

Please visit our website for more information about Tape and Reel metal dome!

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