How Metal Dome Works

Although we’ve said in the main products page of metal dome how it works, but without the assistance of visible picture, many person still don’t know its theory. Today I draw a simple sketch, hope it can be helpful for friends to understand it.

how metal dome work

While you research the picture, you can write our instruction of how metal dome works in metal domes, namely “They function in the following way: The metal domes are placed on the printed circuit board by means of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. In their relaxed state, the metal domes rest on the outer rim of the primary pathway. When pushed, the domes collapse and make contact with the secondary pathway, thereby closing the circuit.

To know what a metal dome is, maybe this article, Metal Dome VS Steel Dome,  can help you. Also the artiles in metal domes maybe be helpful for you to learn more the metal dome (sometimes people call it metal snap domes) .

Do you understand it now? Or think about the other things need to provide to enrich this explanation? Leave your response here!

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7 Responses to How Metal Dome Works

  1. Ami Isakov says:

    Can you please explain what parameters in the dome drive the tactile and force with the same XY geometry and same material. i.e. how is it possible to manufacture 2 domes with the same dimensions, but with different force/tactile characteristics

    • Peter says:

      To make same diameter of metal dome, with different force is easy for us, you need to adjust the tooling, choose suitable metal dome material, with richful experience, we will make it.

      Pls let me know if you still have question.

  2. DEREK BANIN says:

    pls i want Dome machine to buy.thanks hope soon.

  3. sheeba says:

    snap domes metal domes 10mm 4 legswith dimple qyu minimum standard packing

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