Why People Like to Use Metal Domes in Extreme Way

As you know, the product lines of metal domes which is popular used currently are from 3mm to 12mm, whether the shape is circle, four-legs, triangle, or oblong. In fact, different shapes of metal domes have its own advantage and so do the product ranges. For examples, the most popular diameter of circule metal domes is from 3mm to 10mm, sometimes, 12mm. And if you need the larger diameter, you’d better consider to use the Cross metal domes or Triangle metal domes.  Why we reommend them?

As you know, each types of metal domes has its own advantage, such as used Triangle metal domes while the space is limited while a high snap force is wanted. Then we used the right types of metal domes in suitable situation, we get their maximum usage of them. On the other side, the price will be also reasonble. We all need to make perfect goods at a good price. If you like the oblong metal domes and insist to use the 8×6 mm, though the regular one are 4x3mm, 5×3.8mm and 6×3.0mm. We can also make it, but need to setup up a new mould, such rise the unit price, as well as prolong the lead time.

I often recive enquiries such as :”We need oblong metal dome (snap dome) and its size is 1″x 0.45″, with good click feeling. Can you make it?” ” I need some domes, cross type, 17mm, stainless” Or “I need a metal dome, 20mm, biggest snap force, such as 2000 gf” . So terrible! I am curious to know the reason to use such domes, in such as extreme way.

Also sometimes the customer want to use the special material such as ” 0.35mm-0.4mm thick beryllium copper material”, instead of stainless steel (sus301) (About Stainless Steel – Raw Material of Metal Dome (1) which are popular in our industry and has wonderful performance.

After communicate with our clients, I found out, in most case, they really did not need such extreme domes. For the big size of metal domes, such as 1 0.45 inch, they can use our metal dome array instead to make a new big dome.

More important, the price is much lower! So does the material. In fact, stainless steel (sus301) is a standard raw materail of metal domes, and we don’t need to pursue special ones. If you need low contact resistance, great anti-hydrochloric acid, you can consider to use the plating, such as Au(Gold), Ni(Nickel). It also relative cheaper than you thought.

We should learn to chose the most suitable parts for our end-products, to get the maximum porfit. So when you dicide to use a unpopular metal dome, remind it “Thought before you jump! You can aslo contact us for more. Best Hardware Co., ltd., your best source of metal domes and metal dome array in China!

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  1. amol says:

    I want to know about the price of following materials per kg.
    1) SUS 301
    2) SUS 302
    3) SUS 304
    4) IS 4454 GRADE 2
    5) IS 4454 GRADE 3
    6)16 MnCr5

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