How to measure the diameter of triangle metal dome?

Are you wondering how to measure the diameter of triangle metal dome? If you are interesting, let me introduce it brifely.

various triangle metal dome

Method one: We know there are three vertices on each sideline of traingle dome, so we can draw a circle along the three vertices and emasure the diameter of circle to get a result, which is diameter of triangle metal dome as well.

method two to measure the diameter of triangle metal

Method two: Measure the distance from one vertice to the oppsite side to get a result and take an integer, this integer is diameter of triangle dome. For example, if you test like this and get a result as 6.51mm, then the diameter of triangle dome is 7mm.

draw a circle to measure the diameter of triangle dome

Method three: If the triangle metal dome with legs, we can simple measure the distance between two legs, and this distance is also the diameter of triangle metal dome.

metal dome

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