Three different production processes of Light Guide Film

At present, there are three different light guide dot placement processes in the industry: Printing light guide dot, laser engraving light guide dot and mould hot pressing light guide dot. The production efficiency and light guide effect of LGF made by mould hot pressing process are relatively good. Based on the mould hot pressing process, we independently developed a five-station roller press. The LGF light guide plate made of PC (PC Specification) material with better flexibility has a very good light guide effect. The distinction of different production network process are listing as follows:

ItemHot-pressing processLaser processPrinting process
Working methodA mold is used to hot press the luminescent dot on the surface of LGFThe LGF surface is marked with a laser dotWhite luminescent ink is used to print dots on the surface of the LGF
Samples production timeMold making is required, and the lead time would be a little longerThe lead time is shorterNeed to do dot screen, using screen printing, sample speed is slow
Dot sizeMin 0.05mm/Min 0.15mm
Press key requestSuitable for all keysSuitable for not very transparent keysSuitable for all keys
Adjustment of uniformityThe adjustment is complicated and the mold needs to be re-openedThe adjustment is fast, but unstableAdjustment speed is not fast, need to re-make the screen
Production efficiencyOpen mold for production, faster productionLaser dotting speed is slow, production is slowScreen printing, faster speed

And below are some photos of dot with different process:


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