Chinese Lunar New Year

Did you know the time that every people in China will go home and enjoy the family harmonious? Each guy will stop their works, but just eat, drink, visit friends for non-stop for two weeks and set off so many firecrackers that you’ll fee in a rejoice paradise. It should be the longest holiday in the word. Nearlly all China in on vacation.

Did you know what we’re talking about? Chinese Lunar New Year? Yes, exactly. It’s coming now!

On New Year’s Eve, which is Feb 6th, 08 this year, people will watch the TV, play games, eat dumpling, and waiting for the New Lear coming. Like the Christmas, but will be much long period and more partying. How wonderful it’ll be!

To celebrate├é┬áLunar New Year, we’ll be on rest from Feb 2nd to Feb 14, and resume works on Feb 15.

During that period, we will still have people on duty, email access is still available but reply will be much delay. You can discuss the details and settle down somethings but products manufacturing or samples making will be stopped. So if you need any products or samples, please help to accelerate that process or postpone it.

We are always doing our best to provide high quality products, great service to our clients and we hope this arrangement will not affect you so much. Your understanding is the drive force us to go ahead.

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

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