How to increase the click feeling of metal dome?

We know the click feeling of metal dome largely affects the use of the whole products, so how should we do to improve the click feeling of metal dome?

Here are the answers:

  1. Choose the high-height metal dome, such as four leg metal dome, metal dome with dimple on center or metal dome with dimple on side. Their has relatively strong touch feeling itself, can remian better click feeling after assembly.
  • Adjust the click ratio directly. We know click feeling (CC) has a equation to define: CC(%)=(CP-CL)/CP*100%, the higher the CC score, the better click feeling. But we don’t suggest to make CC score exceed 70%, because if the click feeling is too high then it will affect the life cycle of snap dome.
  • Make UV plunger on the surface of dome array, position on the center of switch dome to improve the click ratio, this kind products we called UV plunger dome array.
  • Don’t make thecontact silicon botton too large, large silicon botton will affect the click feeling as well.
  • Make the dome array accurately aligned with PCB pad during assembly. Becasue the click feeling in center of metal dome is the best, the deviation will also affect the click feeling.

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