Can metal dome sheet go through high temperature furnace?

Some customers could ask whether metal dome array or dome sheet can pass high temperature furnace? The answer is no.

Why some customers would have such a request? That’s because they need to do the welding and soldering process after place the dome switch into the print circuit board, thus they need to go over a high temperature stove. But the maximum temperature of the PET adhesive material can withstand is around 125 degrees (suitable working temperature is around 60-80 degrees), and the temperature in a high-temperature furnace is more than 200 degrees. The material melts when it enters a high temperature furnace, so it’s definitely not going to work.

If the customer must do as that, then need to change to use a material that can withstand high temperatures. However, there are many improvements in the difficulty of the production process and the cost of materials is very high. Therefore, we will suggest that the customers assemble the dome array 

after welding the high-temperature furnace, which is very reasonable and convenient.

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