How to Check Metal Dome when you receive it?

When customers receive the metal dome, how to check it is qualified or not.

Maybe you will say: โ€œ I do not have professional equipment as you, so that it is difficult to check them.โ€

No, you are wrong. It is not so such a difficult thing, just following up these steps and you will find it very easily.:-)

  1. Check the Part Number: include diameter, force and the plating.
  2. Out shape of metal dome, if thereโ€™s a dimple or several dimples, check the size of dimple and to see whether it is in right position or not.
  3. Surface metal dome: good metal dome should be avoid of grease stains?dirt?dust; no obvious burr?crushes?stamping?blows, etc.
  4. Press the center of dome to see the clicking feeling, force, and listen to the voice during the whole process.

Ok, my friend, is it clearer than before? If you need more requirements, please kindly let us know. We, Best Technology, are always being your best partner in metal dome and metal dome array in China.

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